Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Back

We're just back from Utah and a week spent road tripping around the state visiting the national parks there. 
I never imagined I’d be spending time in a place like Utah. It’s not exactly diverse after all and with being predominately Mormon, there are a lot of customs and rules that you wouldn’t find in any other part of the country. Definitely got a ton of eye brow raises when we told people we were headed that way. 

But we were there to experience the natural beauty and certainly did that. I’m still amazed by how impressive everything is there and a little shocked that we managed to do the mighty five in just 7 days. Seriously crossed so many things off the bucket list. 

I'm a bit overwhelmed with where to start with sharing this epic adventure, since I literally have thousands of amazing photos like the one above. I guess I’ll begin with an overview, so I'll be back with our itinerary tomorrow. For now, we’re catching up on sleep, reuniting with our pup, and nursing some wicked sunburn.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

East vs West

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 12
Hello from Utah,

I’ve been a bit absent as of late because we’ve been focusing our time on prep for our big southwest road trip. Now that we’re out here, we are filling up our days with everything imaginable. Being out here is a complete departure from what we’re used to, which led to us thinking up this list. Here"s a quick list with a few BIG differences that we’re noticing between the Eastern (particularly New England) and Western parts of the country.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer Travel Plans 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 11
Coddles to those travel bloggers that get their schedules out at the beginning of the year and actually stick to it. I'm always hesitant to share our travel plans too far in advance in case things change. But we're excited about having so much time together this summer before I return to grad school {in a different state} and we go back to a long distance marriage. We want to take complete advantage of our time and are being optimistic by making all the travel plans.
{nantucket summer 2015}

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

best travel destination of the year

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 10
I've been hinting at a big trip for weeks now, but haven't wanted to spill the beans too early. But we're taking off in just a couple of weeks. I was flipping through the best rated places to visit in 2016, when I realized that we were headed to this year's #1 destination. Total coincidence, but I'm not at all surprised. So where is this wondrous place? 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

day trip diaries: GLOUCESTER MA

visit cape ann lighthouse
new england has the best beaches!
there are lighthouses and whale watching 
sandy dunes and giant granite boulders covered in moss
sea kayaking & lobster traps galore
I don't think that anyone can argue with me when I say 
that new england has the best beaches 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

boston bucket list

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 9
I've mentioned our boston bucket list many times, but never got around to sharing it. With husband being in boston for school, we're not sure how long this time here will last. For now, we're thankful to be in this amazing city with a history that America was built on. We have access to a world class symphony, art museums, and the best seafood. And with places like martha's vineyard and cape cod just a ferry ride away, boston is classic new england. I love sharing the best of boston through our eyes, so feel free to click on any of the items we've checked off our list to see more. 
boston bucket list

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

one month ago today

It's funny how drastically things can change in a month's time, but also amazing how much they stay the same. I wore this exact outfit a month ago today here. In that time, we went from snowy mountains to seaside escapes, but the outfit stayed the same. I just swapped out the beanie for a pair of sunglasses and traded in the bean boots for sneakers. But at the core, nothing changed…it's all about perspective.  
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Monday, May 2, 2016

day trip diaries: ROCKPORT MA

It almost never works to just take a week off when I need a break, but no matter how busy life gets or how low funds may be, day trips always seem so doable. Am I right? We have several coming up and I wanted a space dedicated to sharing them so it seemed right to start a new series…the day trip diaries. Be prepared for a total photo overload because first up is 
cape ann day trip
When it comes to Massachusetts, everyone knows about the South Shore of Cape Cod, but Cape Ann along the North Shore is less known and I'm not sure why. It's beyond picturesque.
We've spent the past few weekends hiking, sightseeing, and beaching it along Cape Ann. And right along the tip of the cape, sits the favorite town of Rockport. Three guaranteed ways to have a good day in Rockport...

1.) stroll through Bearskin Neck 
this is the main area to see with the peninsula connecting right into the harbor

2.) feel the ocean spray along the breakwater…
the breakwater is a granite stone bridge that's meant to anchor boats and protect against storms, but it also happens to be the best spot for eating lobstah rolls and drinking ice cold lemonade with a view!

3.) visit Dock Square Wharf
Lobster traps and buoys right up close…it's classic New England 
travel tip #278: the best way to make friends in a new place is to take along an adorable pup. We had 17 people {before I lost count} stop us to talk about PJ, and another 4 wanted photos with him. I can't blame them, since he's certainly stolen our hearts. 
every nook and cranny of this coastal town offered a different view and more seafood...
I seriously could not handle this scene. We visited early in the season, so I can't imagine how gorgeous this seascape town will be surrounded by blooming flowers and green trees.
loved that this boat was named the "the bucket list" since Cape Ann was on our bucket list 
Whenever I picture coastal new england, I will forever think of Cape Ann, especially Rockport. Thankfully, it's less than an hour away from Boston by car or via the commuter rail. If you're ever in the Boston area, this place is a must visit. I for one can't wait to return again. 

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