Friday, May 30, 2014

May Budget-In & Out of Season

One of the best ways to keep my yearly clothing budgets down is to purchase things out of season..aka  when they are on clearance. For example, last summer I bought a pair of brown Frye boots at 75% off, saving hundreds of dollars. They would not have been in my budget otherwise and when the following Fall & Winter weather came around they were my go to pair of shoes. I will have these for years to come, and I feel much better wearing them knowing just how little they cost me. This year I was determined to find the perfect pair of black boots at the end of the winter season. I accomplished that and picked up a few more clearanced winter pieces in addition to grabbing some summer items.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Faking It

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Work-it-out Wednesday

Between the combination of working out regularly and eating clean, I have not only lost a little weight, but I'm feeling better as well. Unfortunately, I have been getting a little bored with my fitness routine lately, which makes me less interested in doing it. Instead of using this as an excuse to not exercise, I decided to use it as incentive to find something new to try. My solution is Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T. It's the same fitness guru responsible for Focus T25 and Insanity. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I don't know any better way to describe today's outfit or how I'm feeling right now. We are only three weeks into our summer semester and I am a little overwhelmed. Last week we had our first cardio test and three graded assignments due. This week isn't any easier as we had another cardio exam, a graded project, and the first skills assessment of the summer. Yesterday's exam totally wiped me out, but I don't even have a moment to relax. While I'm keeping up and doing well, right about now I would really just love a little simplicity in my life.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome to Your Summer

Prostodontics: Equlibrate & Mount 
I couldn't call this a true dental student blog unless I talked about dentistry so I want to share what I have been doing lately. Last week, we started our dental Prostodontics laboratory module. We are still working in our operative module (drillin' & fillin'), but prostodontics will dominate our schedules for the next few months. So it's fitting that the first thing our instructor said to us was "welcome to your summer". So what is prostodontics? It essentially focuses on restoring and replacing teeth and encompasses some complicated procedures in dentistry such as dentures and crowns.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wildflowers, Sunny Skies, & Floral Prints

Friday, May 16, 2014

TGIF: Green Pants & Leopard

It has been a really long week for me. On top of our first cardio exam, I had three graded projects due this week. I'm so glad that it's Friday because 5AM wake-ups with 1AM bed times get old fast. When I woke up to the rain and cooler temp this morning, I really just wanted to wear something that was going to be easy and comfy. I found these green pants in the back of my closet and I thought why not? Even though they are a hybrid material, I still classify them as jeans, which is really pushing the dress code. Today, however I just don't care. I did make an effort to dress the pants up though by wearing a ruched blouse and a structured blazer.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Work-It-Out Wednesday

It has been a little while since I have done one of these. Being sick (boo sinus infection) made it impossible to exercise consistently so I didn't bother to report my workouts. I am planning to change up the format of these a little bit because I don't want it to become to static. Therefore, while I will still be reporting my workouts most weeks I also want to incorporate other aspects of what I'm doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'd like to start by sharing one of my favorite easy to make healthy recipes.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pops of White & Pattern Mixing

Yesterday, the husband and I decided to sleep in after Friday nights concert. Once up, we headed out to lunch and to check out some local shops. As I have been loving the Essie Blanc nail polish, I decided to plan my outfit around it with pops of white. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Foster the People

Remember when I said I intended to work my butt off during my summer semester? Well, I also intend to play just as hard  and a concert to see one of my favorite bands seemed like a good way to get things started. I had Friday off from school, which is a rarity so I decided to take full advantage of it. Husband snagged us amazing seats to see Foster the People as a early birthday present to me. The only thing left to do was to book a flight. Using our rewards points, my round trip flight was completely free. I was so excited because not only do I love Foster the People, but this was my first concert.


The concert was held at the Boston House of Blues. There was so much musical atmosphere in this iconic venue. Husband and I knew that the venue had a restaurant and arrived early to grab some beers before the show. When we got there we found out that eating at the restaurant guaranteed you early entry into the concert. We had floor seats so we knew that the sooner we got in the doors, the better our spots would be. Thus, we happily chowed down on burgers and sweet potato fries. When we were done we got into a separate line and entered almost immediately. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

10 Under $10

So it occurred to me that the last time I did a beauty post/haul, I mainly discussed higher end products. That is not to say that I don't use less expensive or drug store beauty brands. So here are 10 beauty products that I am currently loving and the best part...they are all under $10.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blue Suede Shoes

During the last week of a semester and the first week of a semester, students are given the opportunity to retake skills exams if needed. Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about that this time around so I had some free time before our cardio lectures. While I was hoping to get more studying done, I also had some errands to run and wanted to be comfortable doing so. I decided to base my OOTD around comfort so I started out with a pair of eye catching flats and went from there. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Back & Refocused

Towards the end of the spring semester, I felt myself being bogged down. I just lost my motivation, but now I am back and more focused then ever. I just needed to remind myself of why I'm here and that while the workload feels never ending, dental school will not last forever. So I have set some new goals for the summer semester and I will be trying my best to stick to them. Just in time too because we start our cardio unit today, which I am looking forward to. Yes I am excited about the 8 hours of lecture that I have to sit through today. My school covers entire systems at once, so for today we will get an introduction to cardiac anatomy, histology, and pharmacology. Over the next few weeks we will go in more depth and then begin to focus more on the pathology.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Date Night

Yesterday the husband had a presentation and it went really well. To celebrate, we decided to head out to dinner instead of cooking. Luckily, we had a gift card thanks to my wonderful in-laws. After dinner, we finished off the night off with some spirits, a movie, and talking about all of our wonderful summer plans. Because my husband is normally far away from me I have learned to be particularly grateful for lazy evenings like this.