101 in 1001

I've always loved the idea of making a list and then focusing on actualizing it, which is why I have a list for everything: places I want to go, things I want to do, etc. But the 101 in 1001 really puts your goals into perspective with a strict time frame. This is ideal because my list date will end right around my 30th birthday. So completing this list will correlate with a major life milestone.

Some of these goals are easily quantifiable and others are more associated with me feeling like I've accomplished my goal. Either way, I tired to make my list ambitious....something I have to strive for. So here goes, 101 things that I want to do in the next 1001 days.

Start: September 2016
End: May 2019

1. Hike through 10 new national parks-We've actually done 11 parks so far! 
   Olympic National Park: here & here
2. Visit 3 new countries
✔ 3. See a modern wonder of the world-chichen itza
✔ 4. Cast a Spell at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter-mischief managed 
5. Visit Martha’s Vineyard
6. Play the Slots in Vegas
7. Visit the Adirondacks
✔ 8. Go camping on the Beach - camping in the keys
10. Visit a Sunflower Field
✔ 12. See a Broadway Show in New York-Chicago, Aladdin
13. Attend an Afternoon Tea
14. Fly First Class
✔ 15. Go on 3 Road Trips with the Husband
   Wandering Washington
   Mexico Road Trip 
   Florida Road Trip 
   French Canada
   Autumn Road Trip
16. Plan 5 Day Trips to Enjoy Near Home 
17. Hike Mount Katahdin 
18. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
20. Visit 4 New Museums
21. Plan a Picnic
22. Ride the Swan Boats in Boston
23. Attend a Ballet
24. Spend a Day in Harvard Square-harvard museum of natural history
25. Get TSA Pre-approved
26. Make a Travel Video of a Big Trip

27. Volunteer 55 hours
28. For every item not crossed off on this list, donate $10
29. Brush up on my Spanish
30. Read 12 books (that aren’t text books :)
31. Purge my Closet & Sale Unwanted/Ill-fitting Items
32. Go an entire week w/o watching TV (being on vacation doesn't count)
✔ 33. No clothes shopping for 2 entire months - 3 months without buying clothes
34. Donate Blood
35. Mentor Someone 

36. Send my little sister a gift just because
37. Keep the inside of my car cleaned out for an entire month
38. Finish up Grad School
39. Pass Boards
40. Study session at Boston’s Public Library
41. Send 10 handwritten Notes in the Mail
42. Get Licensed as a Dentist
43. Write down & Actualize Daily Goals for a month
44. Make a decision about having children
45. Get better at managing procrastination vs. taking planned breaks
46. Make more of an effort to reach out to extended family members
47. Learn not to stress the small stuff
48. Figure out where to live/settle down
49. Adopt a Dog
50. Be more Spontaneous (yes I'm planning to be more spontaneous)

51. Take a dance Class 
52. Renew Wedding Vows 
53. Find a New Hobby to do Together 
✔ 54. Take an Anniversary Trip 
Wandering Washington-3rd anniversary
Alaskan Anniversary Adventure-4th anniversary
55. Send Love Notes for no Reason 
56. Find a Game to Play Together 
57. Work on Communicating Better

59. Build a Coffee Table
60. Make a Gallery Wall for Travel Photos
✔ 61. DIY Map Wall Art
62. Do a DIY Globe Project
63. Create a new space for Plants
64. DIY a Wreath for the Front Door
65. Create an Amazing Outdoor Space
66. Figure out a Place/Way to Sort Mail
67. Buy/Design/Create the Perfect Doormat

Just for Fun
68. Bake macarons from scratch
69. Go Paddle Boarding
70. Create a Signature Cocktail
71. Learn to Embroider
72. Give a Gift that I made on my Sewing Machine
73. Master an Indian Food Recipe
74. Learn to do 3 Unique Hair-Styles
75. Make a Halloween Costume for the Dog
76. Teach the Pup a New Trick
77. Eat Desert for Dinner 
78. Take a Cooking Class
79. Write Blog Posts at least a Week in Advance for a Month 
80. Sleep under the Stars (w/o a tent)
81. Bake bread from scratch
82. Get better at using my DSLR
83. Learn to play Poker

Health & Fitness
84. Go an entire month w/o fast food  
85. Run a half marathon
86. Create a consistent Fitness Routine
87. Hit my Goal Weight 
88. Develop a Bedtime Skin Routine
89. Drink only water/coffee for an entire month
90. Eat Clean for Entire Week 
91. Take a Pilates Class 
92. Hike 100 miles
93. Do a Stadium Run
94. Eat Veggies everyday for 30 days
95. Turn a Comfort Food Favorite into a Healthy Recipe
   clean chocolate chip cookies 
96. Sleep 8 hours a night for an entire week
97. Pamper Myself with a Spa Day
98. Attend a Spin Class
99. Exercise 4x/week for a month
✔ 100. Take a nap everyday for a week 

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  1. I love this idea of 101 in 1001 days. I really think I will start one of my own. :)