Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gone Glamping!

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 21
I pride myself on finding unique places to stay while we're on vacation. We typically don't spend too much time in our room, but after a full day of adventures, it's still nice to come home to something a little different than the average cookie cutter hotel. Our Southwest Road Trip was no different, with us finding places to stay that enhanced our experience. After camping at the base of a mountain in Zion and spending a night in a tipi at Bryce Canyon, we decided to try glamping. 
glamping = glamorous camping 

If you've never been camping, then glamping is a great introduction. You get all the perks of camping, but you also get to sleep in a bed.

Can you spot the snow-capped mountains in the background of the desert? 

While visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Park, we used the city of Moab as our home base. So glamping at Moab Under Canvas was perfect for us. Our favorite part of camping has always been that it gives you the opportunity to become apart of the landscape, but glamping gave us that too. We will definitely be glamping again in the future. And if you're looking for a memorable place to stay, I hope you'll consider it too. 



  1. This place looks amazing! I would love to go one day with John. How long did you stay? And how was the food handled?

    1. We only stayed here one night. We wanted a break from regular camping, but didn't want to miss out on the beauty of the landscape out west, so this was a perfect compromise. Food wasn't included but they catered it in from a restaurant in town if you wanted. We placed our order before bed and it was there for us in the morning.

  2. Gorgeous pics! I always considered cabins as glamping; I didn't realize that places like this existed, but it looks pretty cool! I'm guessing there was no running water or electricity? And is that a stove next to your hat?

    1. There's no electricity in your tent, but they provide a battery operated lantern and test there's a wood burning stove in every tent for extra light and warmth. The main lobby tent did have electricity and there were bathrooms with hot running water and electricity. So we definitely were without anything.