Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Clothing Budget

I skipped out on sharing last months budget, since I had picked up so few pieces. But this month's haul was a lot bigger, so now it's time to share what I picked up July/August. Since losing 12 pounds this summer, my clothes are fitting completely differently and I really needed new summer pieces. Thankfully, I found some great sales and snagged things up on a deal. Plus, I finally spent some of the gift cards/credits that I've been hoarding since my birthday. 

J Crew Factory Metallic Tortoise Sunnies original $30 on sale for $11

J Crew Striped T-Shirt Dress original $88 + 30%off + $25 card credit = $37
I was mistakenly told that this dress was 30% off when it wasn't, but they gave me the discount anyway. Love J Crew's impeccable customer service, but especially loving how versatile this dress is. 

J Crew Tie-Waist Romper original $89.50 + 30% off = $63
Just my luck, this romper is currently an extra 40% off it's sale price. I almost returned it after I bought it. As in I took it back to the store and brought it up to the register, then decided to keep it again at the last minute. The sales girl probably thought I was crazy, but I'm so glad I decided to keep this. It was a bit pricey for a romper, but this has been my go-to every weekend.   

Anthropologie Sadie Swing Tank original $98 + 15% + gift card = $0

Banana Republic Factory Jacquard Shorts original $50 on sale for $27 + 30% off = $19

Banana Republic Factory Jacquard Stretch Crop original $60 on sale for $19 + 30% off = $13

Banana Republic Factory Navy Lace Skirt original $70 on sale for $3 + 30% off = $2
Sorry I couldn't find a pic of this one, so it's not included in the collage. It's a flowy navy skirt = such a wearable piece 

July/August Total: $145

Budget for the Year: $1750 
July/August Spending: $145
remaining for the year: $590

I'm left with about $147/month for the remainder of 2016. But, we have some big trips coming up at the end of the year that I know I'm going to need want new clothes for. So for September, I'm going to attempt to keep my spending to a minimal, maybe even do a no buy month. How'd you guys do this month?

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