Wednesday, March 8, 2017

it's still winter

With what seemed to be an unusually mild winter, I may have gotten ahead of myself with jumping right into Spring. But this recent hike was a very big reminder that it's still winter. The days may be getting longer and the plants are getting a little greener, but March seems to have greeted us with a cold snap. And the temps are still requiring cold weather gear, as in ridiculously warm full-length coats ha! Cold or not, I can never resist a chance for a good hike, especially one that involves getting to witness the seasons transition. So while, yes it is still technically winter, Spring is sprouting through. 

See you soon Spring! 
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  1. Love your boots! I am WANTING winter to be OVER! lol bring on the sunshine!

    1. Me too! Mostly tired of being teased with warm days and then a sudden cold snap or snowstorm.