Thursday, July 27, 2017

a week of wear: vol 3

I've been doing a little more shopping lately and have been enjoying putting together bright fun outfits for this warmer weather that are still professional enough for grad school. Per usual, I live in university issued scrubs most days, but once a week I gain control over my wardrobe. So here's to a fun summer inspired week of only took me a month to wear all these outfits! 
A new closet favorite is this pocket peplum tank that I have already bought in two colors and I'm totally considering buying it in this pattern too. Ha! 
What can I say...when you find something you love, go with it

This is what it looks like when you have exactly 12 minutes to get dressed...not bad right? 
crocheted top // ankle pant -love this fit & pattern // scalloped flats 

Another favorite OOTD that I'm attributing to this peplum pocket tank because I love how it sits on my waistline. Also these mini skirts that are the perfect length & still conservative for shorties like me are a staple in my wardrobe; this navy blue one with white dots is a classic. 
 Dressing up this outfit with my favorite Murfee Scarf. It seems like fate that national wear your lilly pulitzer day lined up with the one day of the week that I don't have to wear scrubs.

Was definitely pushing the dress code this day with wearing white jeans, but I think I pulled it off by dressing them up with these shiny ballet flats and silky bow blouse
 It's been fun dressing up old items with new ones. I've been trying to be so practical about what I'm buying now since I don't need too much. Trying to balance selecting items that have dual purposes in my wardrobe and can work on both a professional and casual level. 


  1. I love your peplum top and those gold flats are so cute! Beautifully Candid

    1. thank you! I'm finding both pieces to be so versatile. Literally wear one or both most days