Saturday, July 1, 2017

spring clothing budget

It's been a couple of months since my last clothing budget update. I became so accustomed to not buying clothes during my spending freeze that it changed my perception of when and why I am buying. But when the warmer weather came, I had to stock my closet. So here's a combination of all of my spring purchases from May and June. 

Pineapple Printed Pocket Tank Original $30 on Sale for $15

Peplum Tankini Top Original $88
This top was a bit pricey, but need the extra support and this is no area to skimp on. 

Jacquard Pull on Shorts Original $45 on Sale for $22

Painted Flamingo Toms Original $70,  found at TJMaxx for $15!
Definitely didn't need these, but they were too cute and I couldn't resist as we were heading to Florida! Plus, so well priced. 

Henley Tank Dress Original $55 on Sale for $36
This dress is partially see-through so I'm using it as a beach cover-up. I feel like I've been waiting to find this perfect cover-up for years. 

Collared Tuxedo Shirt Original $70 on Sale for $32

Mission Romper Original $23, 2 for $30 
Target had the best deal with buy 2 for $30 on rompers and dresses and I chose to buy two of the exact same one of course because I loved it so much. So I have this in pink and gray. 

Ruffle Shirt Dress Original $90 on Sale for $65 + 50% off = $32

Compression Shorts Original $28 on Sale for $12

Pom Shorts Original $36 on Sale for $18
These shorts and this brand aren't necessarily something I would normally go for, but I am loving them and have been living in them non-stop.

Spring Budget Total $300

Budget for the Year: $1800
End of Spending Freeze $232 
Spring Clothing Budget $300
remaining for the year $1568

So I felt like a spent a ton recently, but I think these items will carry me through the summer. And since I've changed my spending habits with clothes, there's still a lot leftover in my yearly budget. Not to jinx myself, but I'm hoping to end up well under budget for the year. 

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