Friday, November 23, 2018

friday favorites 11.23.18

What a week this one has been. I finished out my first dental rotation, so I head off to a new clinic on Monday morning. On one hand I'm sad about leaving my current clinic that I have grown so fond of these last 8 weeks, but I also couldn't be more excited about the fact that I'm moving forward. Seriously, lots of transitions happening this week. Let's take a peak. 

Skipping Thanksgiving 
Isn't this the most beautiful table scape? Too bad it's not ours since we decided to outright skip Thanksgiving this year. I've explained all of our reasons for why we're skipped Thanksgiving here. That being said, it was a good day for getting things done. We got our entire apartment cleaned from top to bottom, did 5 loads of launders-including all the linens, and I got so much studying done. Why can't every weekend be a 4 day weekend? 

Mission Trip 
Even though I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I still have lots to be grateful for. In fact, I shared a few more details from one of the experiences that I am most grateful for this year. See all the details of a day in the life of a dental student: mission trip edition. 

A Quick Recipe 
I cooked for the first time in weeks thanks to my husband enabling me by making all of our meals himself. But it felt like I had to note this monumental occasion by sharing the recipe for this simple roasted butternut squash soup

A little Confession 
We put our tree up over a week ago. Sounds a little crazy, but I found a company that will deliver live Christmas trees to your door anytime you want. So I decided to go ahead and have a tree sent to us early before any of the tree farms opened for the season.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and a great weekend, especially I you're braving thos Black Friday sales. 

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