Thursday, January 17, 2019

december 2018//

december lived up to every expectation and more to be the busiest month of the year. we crossed continents, celebrated the holidays with family, and I traveled all through and across the state during my away rotation. 

love wrapping up Christmas gifts from our travels from the year...rum & cigars from cuba, beignet mix from new orleans, and cactus jam from arizona from 
 sending out our holiday cards, for was an easy to pick a pic

enjoying christmastime around the city
and christmastime at home 
 snow day study days at one of my favorite cafes 
being away from home on an away rotation for the holidays was not favorite (thankfully I love what I do) 
seriously hated all the driving I did this month, but loved this moment at a rest stop when I realized I was in a place I love on my way to the person I love 
being just a little bit extra about christmas + packing up gifts to go visit family 
my favorite gift I gave this for Christmas this year = this custom drawing of my sister and I 
ending the school term with a not so tacky sweater party with this fun crew at my clinic 
then heading off to enjoy a very special Christmas gift
always love getting to go through the international terminal because I'm constantly swooning over these country flags. I want to go to every single one of these places.
travel hour #1 vs. 
 travel hour #12
getting the best welcome to Morocco with being greeted with treats and mint tea after 24+ hours of travel 
touring the Moroccan palaces did not disappoint 
spa days and nice dinners are the best way to end the year 
being total tourists...snapping photos of dental offices with Arabic signs and buying all the American snacks
we found this Starbucks copycat in Fes Morocco and went inside as a joke 
but it turned out to be amazing because this is what people in other countries think an American Starbucks is like 
 couldn't resist stopping through the gorgeous Atlas Mountains because I'm a girl who loves her fresh air 
 having the best meals 
 and staying at the cutest hotels, we loved every minute of our Arabian Adventure 
the lush gardens of Morocco contrasted against...
the Sahara desert 
camel rides by day 
and desert sunsets at night 
found the perfect little figurine to serve as the Christmas ornament for this trip, though it almost didn't make it home with us because TSA thought it was a bomb-um no
then off to Portugal 
discovering Lisbon at the Age of Discoveries Monument
 perfect yellow trolleys and the most colorful citywe loved Lisbon
don't ya just want to fall in love with Europe a little more during the holidays? 
finally arriving home stateside just in time to celebrate the new year 
december 2018 was incredibly busy and so on the go as evidenced by the fact that I only spent 4 nights this month sleeping in my own bed. it was also so worth the craziness and turned out to be the best way to end 2018 right. 

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