Friday, June 7, 2019

friday favorites 06.07.19

Happy Friday Friends! 
I'm sleepily popping in for a quick share, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm not sure how my day could possibly get any better because today, we are headed off for a month long backpacking trip through Europe! Also, tomorrow is my 30th birthday! 
Before I get to ahead of myself, here are some highlights from earlier in the week. 

Finally sharing a few thoughts and owning our status as a power couple

I cannot believe that we are already a week into June. Before we go much further, I had to pause to recap just how incredible May was...graduating from dental school with a doctorate, road-tripping in to Florida, and lots of fun in between. 

Literally just got back from this quickest family trip to Niagara Falls last night. My family decided to pop over to Niagara in route to dropping my little sister at JFK before she heads to a study abroad for the summer. 

Today, Tom and I are headed off to Europe for nearly a month. We are planning to do the Scandinavian Nordic countries. We're traveling light and hoping to cover as much ground as possible. I'll be posting on Insta stories along the way. 

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