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friday favorites 06.21.19

Happy Friday Friends! 
Just checking in since it's been a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I greatly overestimated my ability to post here during our month long backpacking trip through Europe. I've been just a little bit busy. This week alone, we have been to 4 different countries that included 3 plane rides, 3 bike rides, 1 funicular, 2 museum tours, 3 palaces, a 16 hour ferry, and the list goes on and on. 
St. Issac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg Russia 

I have managed to share on my Instagram stories in real time, but I'm happy to stop in here to share a few thoughts from this week. 

I'm still a bit in shock over this one. I mean really, who goes to Russia? I didn't know what I was expecting from Russia, because it was never apart of our original plan, but it blew me away. We visited St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of the country and it was covered in golden gilded cathedrals, historic architecture, and some of the world's best art thanks to being home of the Hermitage. 

Helsinki makes it onto my favorites list for the week because it was exactly what we needed. Normally, I like to do things go go go while traveling, but Finland forced us to slow down, catch up, and enjoy ourselves a little. 

I now find it impossible to believe, because I loved it so much, but we almost didn't include Sweden on our itinerary at all. I wasn't impressed with what I found while researching this country ahead of time, but we decided to go for a short stop anyway-simply because it was convenient. Sweden is proof to me that you have to go out and do things for yourself, because no amount of research could have ever helped me realize how I would feel about Sweden. This place has my heart. 

Visiting Norway was the entire reason that we chose to backpack through Europe as we were also considering Southeast Asia and South America. We just made it here to Norway yesterday, but I can already tell that this place will be a favorite. Even the major cities here are set in nature, and we are headed further into the countryside to explore even more of these gorgeous landscapes. 

Cannot wait to spend this next week in Europe, exploring more of Norway.

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