Wednesday, July 8, 2020

money diaries vol 5: settling in

I've very aptly named this money diary "settling in" because we have been working on exactly that. Both with settling into our new home and with settling into the pandemic lifestyle. I feel like we have finally struck a good balance between getting things done around our new place and finding unique experiences to engage in that are still safe during this pandemic. 
From our last money diary, we shared all the costs of our surprise emergency move. Since then, we took some time to re-build our emergency savings. Now that our savings are back at a comfortable level, we have finally been able to put more effort into settling into our new place. 

Saturday June 13
Hey, hey Saturday. Started the day with a grocery store run ($87.56). I like to go right at opening to limit my interactions with others, it's also my best chance at getting toilet paper and cleaning supplies. I'm still overbuying a little to make sure we stay stocked up so in addition to getting lots of produce and food for the week, I picked up a few things for our emergency food storage stockpile.  

After dropping the groceries at home, I headed to a Salvation Army thrift store ($42). When we moved, we went from a 700sqft one bedroom loft to a three bedroom house, so we are trying to get things furnished...on a budget. I'm on the hunt for a chair for my office and a potential new headboard. Major score with finding this tufted chair in mint condition for just $30, also picked up a Christmas decoration and a 6qt mixing bowl. My thrift store total was $42. 
Spent the rest of the day steam cleaning my new-to-me tufted chair. It's now a sitting in my office space. 
Total: $129.56  

Sunday June 14
After an early breakfast at home, we headed to a nearby farm for the morning. We showed up early and pretty much had the place to ourselves. Paid a whopping ($12) to pick several pounds of peaches. Worth every penny and then some. 
Total: $12

Monday June 15 
I'm currently off on Mondays, so it's another errand day. We popped into Home Depot ($216.36) and grabbed plant pots and soil, lumber for a few DIY projects, and a small circular saw. I'm most excited about picking up a new fiddle leaf fig plant!
Total: $216.36

Tuesday June 16
Husband worked from home and I spent the day at work. All of our meals were cooked from home and we spent a chilly rainy evening in by the fire. So nothing spent today. 

Total: $0

Wednesday June 17
Another day at work, but since we had a brief reprieve from the rain we are to have all week long, we decided to go kayaking after work. We own our kayaks, so $0 spent. 

Total: $0

Thursday June 18 
During my lunch break, I popped into a local hardware store ($40.24) to pick up two large plant pots that we couldn't get at Home Depot earlier in the week. That evening after work, we spent a couple of hours repotting plants. 
Total: $40.24

Friday June 19 
Today is a very special day in the black community-it's Juneteenth, celebrating an event that marks the official emancipation of slaves. Today, I made a special donation ($75) to the cause. 
Total: $75

Our spending breakdown for the week:
-Home Supplies $298.60
-Groceries $87.56
-Entertainment $12 
-Donations $75 
GRAND TOTAL: $473.16

It's been a process to get things settled in our new home and in our lives during this time. But we are slowly, but surely gaining access to everything that we need. 

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