Tuesday, May 26, 2020

money diaries vol 4: pandemic moving!

If you've been following along, then you know that Husband and I found ourselves in a position where we needed to suddenly move...all during this crazy pandemic. Just going to say that moving can be an outrageously expensive pain in the butt, but a SURPRISE move where you have no time to plan ahead is especially pricey. And when there is a Pandemic happening, your options are even more limited.
 In just a few days time, we terminated the lease at our loft, found a new place, and moved. It was a very busy, tiring, stressful, expensive week. But glad that we got it done. 

Thursday April 16
Yesterday, we realized that we had to move immediately (details here) and terminated our lease. I'm still working part-time during the pandemic so I have work today, but whenever I wasn't directly with a patient, I was researching options. Husband did the same from home. 
This was especially difficult during the pandemic because it was hard to get in touch with people and arranging viewings/tours felt nearly impossible. We did manage to find some perspective options though. Submitted 3 applications ($300) and arranged to tour 2 places when I finished with work. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏾
Total: $300

Friday April 17
Spent the morning packing-even though we have no where to go. Thankfully, we received a call saying that we were approved for our top choice place and could even start our lease today! We happily handed over a cashier's check for the deposits and pro-rated rent ($3650) and got the keys to our new place! We will be trading in our downtown loft for a rental house in the suburbs. It will definitely be a lifestyle change, but we also more than doubled our living space so we are ready for the change.
To make things even more official, we changed over our renter's insurance ($170.62) and set up mail forwarding ($2.10) with the post office. 
Total: $3,822.72

Saturday April 18
With researching this move, Husband hasn't been able to do much else and absolutely has to do work today. So I head to the new rental house by myself with a car load of supplies. I clean the kitchen and bathrooms, unpack the pantry, and then run errands. Attempted to get boxes for the move from Home Depot, but ours is closed right now with the Pandemic. So I decide to pick up some re-usable bins ($32) at Target instead. 
Also at Target, I spent $198.22 on house supplies. It didn't feel like I was spending much, but it adds up quick. Picked up a dog-proof trashcan for the kitchen. And with the move, we are transitioning from 1 bathroom to 2.5 bathrooms, so we needed additional bath mats, toilet brushes, hand towels, a shower curtain /liner /rings, and a small wastebasket. Normally, I would have shopped around for these items, but with everything being closed during the Pandemic, I was just happy to find what I did.
Total: $230.22 

Sunday April 19
It's Moving Day! 
We start the day with Starbucks ($15) for breakfast. It's felt safest to me to not to eat out since the pandemic started, but with our kitchen in the state it is, I know we will be eating out a bit now. 
Husband picked up a U-Haul ($78) for the day and hired movers ($215) too since you can't exactly ask people to help you move during social distancing. The movers were our saving grace because as it turned out, the elevator at our loft was broken and we never could have moved the big furniture ourselves. We had 3 movers for 3 hours. They moved all the furniture from our loft and loaded it into the new rental house-we tipped them $20/each ($60 total) for the help because they were awesome. 
We did a Colombian restaurant ($41) for lunch to-go. Then we used the U-HAUL to empty out our storage unit, filled the moving truck with gas ($14), and returned it. Thankfully, I managed to find enough dishes to make spaghetti for dinner before calling it a day.  
Total: $423

Monday April 20
Started the day with grocery shopping. I've been trying to stock up during this crazy time in order to reduce the frequency at which I need to shop, so I picked up 3 weeks worth of groceries ($133.18) at Aldi. Lucky me, I even managed to find toilet paper for the first time in weeks. 
When I returned to the rental house, we ate a frozen pizza for lunch. Then we spent the rest of the day taking car loads of stuff from our loft to the new house rental. We managed to get the entire apartment emptied out and cleaned just in time to catch one last waterfront sunset at the loft. 
We grabbed Chick-fil-A ($21.27) for dinner on the way back to our new rental home. 
Total: $154.45

Tuesday April 21
Still exhausted from the day before, but I wake up early to make a breakfast quiche and a batch of chili to pack for lunch before heading to work. Meanwhile, Husband spent the day doing the final walk through at the loft and handed in the keys. We will be getting our full deposit back, so that's good news on the budget front. Husband also got internet set-up at the rental house while I was at work. We had to get a new router as part of the process and he definitely overspent on this fancy one ($179.14), but I don't even care because I'm just happy to have internet. Apparently, it was quite the ordeal that took hours to set-up and required him to do some wiring via over the phone instructions, since the company could not physically come do it themselves during the pandemic. When I get home, I'm awake just long enough to eat Indian takeout ($41.27) for dinner and take a bath (loving my new tub!) before heading to sleep. 
Total: $220.41

Wednesday April 22
Huzzah! Finally a day where we didn't spend any money. You guys-I'm totally kidding. We actually spent a lot of money today. Ordered a computer desk and chair ($318.38) for Husband's new at home office because working from the kitchen table isn't cutting it. Also picked up a weed wacker ($73.47) to cut the grass in our little yard. 
Total: $391.85

Our spending breakdown for the week:
-Applications & Deposits: $3950
-Direct Moving Costs: $750.86
-Home Supplies associated with Move: $590.07
-Groceries $133.18
-Restaurants $118.54
GRAND TOTAL: $5,542.65

Having an unexpected move is bad enough, but the timing of this during a pandemic made things extra tough. Between application fees & deposits, the moving truck & packing supplies, and furnishing a new place-it added up fast. I am so incredibly grateful that we had savings $$ in place to cover the cost of this very pricey move because staying put with our mold problem was not an option. Interested in more money diaries? See more here

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