Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

I hope that everyone had a great Valentine's day and let the ones you care about know just how special they are to you. As promised I have a full weekend recap of how my husband and I celebrated this year so be prepared because this post will be long and photo heavy. So let's get started....By some miracle I randomly did not have class on Friday (though we do have class on President's Day). This worked out perfectly since the snow forced husband to reschedule his flight for Friday morning. After I picked him up from the airport, we grabbed a quick lunch and then went antiquing. How awesome is my husband? I had been wanting to go to this vintage store for months, but never had time when I was in the city. The store turned out to be 3 stories and we spent well over an hour there. I frequent vintage stores often to hunt for treasures, but I've never had that much fun. Thank you husband. Then later that night we headed out to dinner. Here is what I wore:

Skirt/Top/Cardigan: J Crew Factory 
Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet
Bracelet: Anthropologie 
Shoes: Sole Society Whitney Pump


This skirt pattern was originally produced by J Crew, but way out of my price range. It must have been popular because a year later J Crew produced a factory version. Unfortunately, I didn't like the cut of anything that was available in my size. Then randomly this popped up in the clearance section so I picked it up. The reason I love this skirt so much is because it has the perfect pop of some of my favorite colors (aqua, burgundy, and coral) and it works well in both warm and cold weather. It's gorgeous. I know that some people would look at this skirt and wonder what they would wear with it, but my biggest problem with styling this skirt was that I found too many great combinations.

For dinner, hubby and I headed to a local place for the first time and the food was amazing! I was a little nervous about trying a new place on Valentine's day, but we will definitely be repeat customers. We both ordered the lobster ravioli, which was delicious and I had the-best-mixed-drink that I have ever tasted. The main ingredients in the "Orange Cream-sickle" are orange vodka, whipped vodka, and ice cream! I am determined to learn how to make this for myself.

The next morning or rather afternoon, we had homemade chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. We totally made a mess making these, but it was so worth it. I served the waffles with raspberry greek yogurt with fresh berries, pineapple orange juice, and red velvet coffee from fresh market. Yum!

We spent the rest of the day studying and hubby made dinner. He is an excellent cook and made Thai Butternut Squash Curry with Shrimp. And I get to have leftovers this week. Later that night we watched Idiocracy. If you have never heard of it or seen then I am sorry for you because it is hilarious. It's an older movie, which husband and I first saw when we started dating so it has significance for us. I would definitely recommend.

How beautiful is this table setting? Did I mention that my amazing in-laws sent us a Valentine's Day care package; in it was this beautiful table cloth with a matching set of napkins. It also included the fun glittery heart confetti. And PJ got some fun new toys and delicious treats. Thank you so much for thinking of us. 

He is so cute! I'm surprised that I managed to capture this photo because he was running around so much. His tail is out of focus because it was wagging so fast!
We spent a few hours on Sunday morning studying and then headed to Noodles&Co for lunch before I had to take husband to the airport. It was an amazing weekend so I was especially sad to see him go, but thankfully he will be back in two weeks for his Spring break. He will get to stay with me an entire week and we will be celebrating his 25th birthday. By the way, I think that birthdays should always be a big deal so you can definitely expect a lot of b-day inspired posts around that time. I had to post an OOTD for hubby because he looked so handsome.

What I'm wearing?
Headband: Dollar Tree
Necklace: J Crew
Sweater: J Crew Factory
Jeans: Levis
Boots: Frye Amelia Boot 
What husband's wearing?
Shirt/Shoes: Calvin Klein
Sweater: J Crew Factory
Pants: Levis
Watch: Kenneth Cole


  1. Your breakfast mug looks really familiar, if you got it from Anthropologie I gave the same one to a co-worker for Christmas...and is the heart table decor from the dollar store? If so I think I have the same ones. I didn't end up using them, but I'm sure I'll find something else to do with them by next Valentine's Day.

  2. Yes Ele-it is from Anthropologie. I love their mugs. Not sure where the table confetti is from though because it was part of a gift. Thanks for stopping by