Thursday, February 27, 2014

A glimpse

At some point, I think I will do an entire series based on the "Day in the Life of a Dental Student", but for now I thought I would just give you guys a glimpse of my schedule. But first, here is an OOTD for you. These pants are probably a little on the casual side, but because I chose to go into lab to practice before class, I wanted to be comfortable. By the way, I took these photos in the dental simulation lab-it seemed fitting since I'm beginning to spend so much time in there. 

Top: J Crew Boatneck
Sweater: Kohl's Apt. 9
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Cash 

Nails: OPI Chicago Champagne Toast
Bracelets: Fossil & Old Navy 

 Although we normally have class from 8am-5pm we have had a lot of free time lately. I'm of course not complaining, but I  have been trying to make a better effort of using that time wisely. Thus, I decided that instead of sleeping in, I would start my day off in the simulation lab. Here is my schedule for the day-or at least this is what I hope to accomplish: 

6:30AM: Wake-Up
7:45AM: Arrive at School and Set up
8AM-9:30AM: Practice in Dental Simulation Lab 
9:30AM-10AM: Blog :)
10AM-12PM: Virology Lecture 
12PM-1PM: Lunch with a friend 
1PM-3PM: Virology Lecture
3PM-5PM: Errands: Dry-cleaning, Target, Quick Grocery Run 
5PM-7PM: Practice in Dental Simulation Lab 
7:30PM: Dinner 
8PM-?: Clean Apartment, Laundry, Work out, Start organizing notes for next weeks exam

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