Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Target Style on Vacation: A Night in San Francisco

When I snagged this dress, I mentioned that I was hoping to get a chance to wear it during my anniversary trip to California. I don't go out very often...go figure, which is why I was happy to find the perfect night out dress for under $10. That way I didn't have to feel badly if I don't get a chance to wear this often, but Target is so on point I may be looking for opportunities to wear this dress again and again. This coral beauty was perfect for a night out in San Francisco! 

We started the evening with a quick stop at Ebisu in the Sunset District for dinner. It's one of those places where only the locals go. Definitely not much to look at from the outside, so I'm sure most tourists don't even notice it. But once you get inside, it's beautifully done and the sushi was exquisite. 

We continued our night at the California Academy of Sciences. Every Thursday evening, they host an event from 6pm-10pm for adults only. It's definitely an upscale atmosphere with delicious cocktails, a fantastic DJ, and local artists. 

The tickets are half the price and there is a completely different vibe in the evening. Instead of families and children, you will find a crowd full of young professionals, college students, and wannabe hipsters. 

Hubby and I were happy to join in on the fun so we grabbed some drinks and explored every inch of that place, from the Aquarium to the Terrarium to the Earthquake ride! 

What I'm Wearing? 
Dress: Target [exact] || Shoes: Calvin Klein || Sweater: Kohl's [exact] || 
Bracelet: J Crew Factory || Necklace: J Crew Factory [exact] || Purse: DKNY
|| Watch: Steve Madden [exact]

How amazing is this "Skulls" Exhibit? Behind Hubby is a wall full of sea lion skulls. Hidden amongst them are some skulls belonging to other animals and you have to pick them out. I loved it, really brought out the science nerd in me. 

I had to have a photo with the giraffe as I was wearing my J Crew Giraffe Critter charm necklace. 

Rooftop Deck 

If you are ever in San Francisco, this place is a must so don't miss out on the fun. They had everything, including a dental exhibit :) that made me beyond giddy! 

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