Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Year of Marriage

Dearest Husband, 
Of all of the years we have spent together celebrating life, this one was by far the greatest. Thank you for being my biggest supporter, my cookie taste tester, my best friend, and my travel companion.

September 2013

October 2013

We got married on a Saturday, you flew back to Boston that Sunday and we were both back in school on Monday. We saw each other for the first time after our wedding on our 3 week anniversary. I flew to Boston for my Fall Break and we celebrated by going to the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Such an odd little date to some, but it was perfect for you and me. I love your sweet playful spirit! 

November 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving spent with family! 

December 2013

During Christmas Break, we finally had the opportunity to take our honeymoon! It also happened to be our first time leaving the country together..thank you for such an amazing week in the Dominican Republic. 

January 2014

A Very Happy New Year for our Little Family! 

February 2014

We got to spend Valentine's Day together for the first time in years, a Happy 25th Birthday for you, and Just Because Flowers for me. 

March 2014

April 2014

A month full of some amazing dates, but anytime spent with you is amazing. 

May 2014

You took me to the Boston House of Blues for my very first concert. An early birthday gift for me to see one of my favorite bands none the less. 

June 2014

We celebrated my 25th birthday by hosting our first dinner party together. You were an excellent chef and a great host. And later that month, you were the best date that a girl could ask for. Thank you for taking me to my dental school ball

July 2014

In July, we spent a few days in Savannah Georgia, exploring the charm of the city and it's old fashioned customs. We delighted in the summer breeze and enjoyed each others company. 

August 2014

We took a second honeymoon to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. We roamed all over California, adventuring amongst the giant sequoias and the coast. 

September 2014

And during this month and on this day, we celebrate a year of marriage...a year of perfect bliss....a year of happiness...a year of growth in our relationship. We celebrate a year of love. 

I love you dear husband 
Happy Anniversary

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  1. Very lovely post!!!! I pray you have many more happy anniversaries!!