Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Wedding Day: Part 3

As today is the last day of September, it seems fitting that I should celebrate it by sharing a final post on our wedding. You can see Getting Ready & 
Our First Look in Part 1, as well as our wedding ceremony in Part 2. And read about how all of this came to be in our love story here. For now, it's time to enjoy the reception!

I apologize now for oversharing on the dinner table details, but I am still and will continue to be absolutely in love with how everything turned out. The metallic floral tablecloths, the antique-inspired table numbers, and the succulent bouquets in their mercury vases. It was pure perfection... 

And I'm happy to say that we still have many of these succulent blooms. Unlike me, my amazing husband and in-laws have quite the green thumbs and planted the succulents after the wedding. Even a year later, they are still thriving. 

Trying to decide who to place at a "head table" felt like a lot pressure and so exclusionary. I'm glad that we went with a sweetheart table for just the two of us instead. 

DIYed chalkboard for Dinner Seating 

Personalized Cocktail Napkins 

I had to include a photo of these delicious seafood cakes. We spoiled our guests with a 3 course plated dinner, but the most compliments came from these appetizers at cocktail hour. I may have eaten a whole  tray or two by myself. 

My favorite part of dinner was our table visits. Hubby and I made sure to visit each table and personally greet and thank every guest for coming. I loved that we had the opportunity to do this. 

I played the viola for 12 years, so I had to have a string trio as I walked down the aisle. And dinner was also filled with light classical music, but then it was time to say goodbye to them and hello to the DJ. It was time to dance! 

I love dancing and wanted to be free to do so, so I changed into a reception dress before hubby and I did our first dance! 

We were a big hit! 

People are always shy at first, but eventually everyone joined the dance floor. 

Our last dance of the night before heading off to cut the cake. 

Our wedding had a French feel, thanks to our venue full of Baccarat chandeliers and French antiques. And what is more French than macaroons? We served these raspberry chocolate ganache macaroons with cake and coffee. We even sent each guest home with some as a parting favor. 

See that face? That's the face of man who just had his bite of cake stolen by his new bride. Tom fed me a piece of cake first, lemon with raspberry filling...my absolute favorite. At the last minute I couldn't help myself and I decided to have his "first bite" too. 

It's ok though, I think that he forgave me. 

Remember the wine we shared as a form of unity during our ceremony? Well, we decided to send everyone home with a personalized bottle of their very own. My husband made those gold ribbon roses all by himself..so talented. 

It poured the whole night, so no sparkler send off for us. That was just fine with me, more time for just the two of us. I love this man more than anything on this Earth and marrying him really was the best day of my life.  


  1. I also shared wine with my husband to share the form of unity and love between us. But your idea of sending a personalized bottle is unique. Well this year my sister is getting married at banquet halls in Chicago and will follow this gesture that time.

    1. Wine really is the perfect symbol for creating something that lasts and improves with age. Our guests loved that we use the wine as favors so I would definitely recommend it.