Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NBDE: National Board Dental Examination

Every licensed dentist has to pass a written national exam and a regional practical examI start taking the national boards in August. Now, this may seem far away, but there is a lot of material to cover. And this has to be juggled along with my regular school schedule. Thus, I decided to start studying early. 

Here is what I'm up against.....Part 1 of the boards is an 8 hour exam with about 400 questions from the following areas: 

Anatomic Sciences
Dental Anatomy and Occlusion  

See why I'm starting now? 

I had no idea where to begin so I did what I always do in this kind of situation...I turned to Google. I scoured the internet trying to find detailed info about how to study. And I basically came up with a whole lot of nothing, which means I'm on my own. So I made a plan. As of now, my study materials include Kaplan, Dental Decks (includes 1400+ flashcards), and of course a First Aid Book. The plan is to leisurely read through the First Aid book. It should be a good overall summary to help me figure out where to focus my studying. Hopefully, this will be done by January and then I can attack Kaplan and the Dental Decks.

Wish me luck!


  1. I totally feel your pain. I have my boards coming up in May and it's so hard to find time to do board-focused studying while trying to master the new material from classes! It's great that you've started the process though because from what I hear, the earlier you do that the better!

  2. Yes it's hard, but I'm sure that we will both be just fine and come out on the other side

  3. Make sure you google some apps to help you! I am not a dental student so I am not sure the particular ones, but there are definitely some out there.

    1. Great idea Brandi, I'm not the most technology inclined so that probably wouldn't have occurred to me

  4. Interesting article - I loved the details . Does someone know if I would be able to get a fillable a form form to fill in ?