Sunday, January 4, 2015

Resolutions 2015

After such a busy December, I have been taking a few days for myself to get things in order before my Spring semester of dental school begins tomorrow. I've also been doing some inner reflection...every year I take the time to write out my New Year's Resolutions and I like to revisit them regularly to ensure that I'm hitting my goals. Sometimes the specifics get revised as I grow and change throughout the year, but the overall goal remains the same. This year's list is short, but so very very important. 
Here's to a Happy 2015!

Lifestyle Change
During the course of 2014, I noticed that self-care progressively began to take a back seat in my life. Whenever a school deadline loomed, I compensated with less sleep and cancelled workouts. Hobbies that I loved were set aside for later and never revisited. So in 2015, I want to take better care of me. If things get really busy, I need to stop, slow down, and still make time for myself. Sleeping well, eating healthy, sweating often, and pampering myself shamelessly is my 2015 promise to myself.
 After all, I think that I deserve it. 

Strive for a Happy Marriage
 Marriage...well any relationship for that matter requires work. I think that this is something that we sometimes forget, but the moment we do so is the moment that we take our loved ones for granted. And I never want to undervalue how fortunate I am to have my husband in my life. As 2013 came to a close, I resolved to actively work towards a happy marriage during 2014 and I loved this resolution. In 2014, husband and I strengthened our bond as we learned to fight less and compromise more. Husband became a better listener, while I learned to let things go. And we both worked on putting each other before ourselves. In 2015, I want to continue on this path and recommit myself to making my husband feel special. I resolve to love freely, communicate often, and flirt endlessly

Travel as Much as Possible
I truly believe that traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures and customs fosters growth. Thus, traveling has quickly become one of my greatest joys and passions in life. Right now dental school dictates my day to day, but I don't want it to keep me from exploring my other for 2015 I intend to travel as much as my schedule and my wallet allows. 

Happy New Year!

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