Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lilly, Lilly, & More Lilly

Hello lovelies, did you all enjoy the after holiday sales? I ordered quite of few things for myself. Unfortunately, many of them didn't work. But I did score big at the most important sale of all...the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. It only happens twice a year and you never really know what's going to be in the sale and what won't. Luckily, the shift dress that I have been coveting for months was there, along with a whole lot more!

I logged into the sale right at 8am and was very happy to see that they were doing a little population control-not at all a "party foul". After all who wants to see the signature "Oh Shift, We broke the internet" message while trying to check out? 


 Well Lilly definitely lied because a few moments later, I received this... 

Apparently, the internet can't handle all of us #lillylovers being in one place at one time. I wasn't able to check out until the 5th time that I tried! I can totally forgive the Pink Palace though since I managed to get the dress that I was after. Isn't it beautiful? I mean, it's not like I've been stalking it since the summer or anything (ok I have). 

Lilly Pulitzer Carol Shift in New Green Under the Palms
   Original $198 on Sale for $49

At one point I almost paid full price for this glad that I didn't because I was able to pick it up at the sale for 75% off! It's still available at a discounted price here. You can also get the pattern in a maxi dress here or the Elsa top here. I personally cannot wait for the weather to warm-up again. I will be wearing this dress non-stop! 

As I was supposed to be paying attention in class and not shopping, I didn't have a chance to look through the rest of the sale until later. This worked out perfectly because when I got home after a long 10 hour day, I found this in my email inbox!

My sweet sweet mother in law sent me a gift card to use at the sale...what a wonderful surprise? It made me feel so special that she thought of me and wanted me to treat myself so I happily grabbed a few more things. 

Lilly Pulitzer Gemini Horoscope Murfee Scarf 
   Original $118 on Sale for $40 after gift card $0 
I have wanted a Lilly Murfee Scarf forever, but I just couldn't bring myself to get one, nor could I understand why others would pay full price for these. Well I get it now! I love love love my gemini murfee scarf and I have already found plenty of ways to wear it. 

Lilly Pulitzer Jamie Battenburg Lace Sweater 
   Original $158 on Sale for $58 after gift card $0 
This is going to be a year round staple piece-a classic white lace sweater. See how I've already worn it here

January Total: $49

And by the way-who else is totally psyched about Lilly partnering up with Target? Come on April 19th!


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  1. Nice job on your budget this month. I also came in under. I'm super excited about Lilly Pulitzer for Target too! I'm always interested by Target's designer collaborations, but the last few have been kind of "serious" so it'll be refreshing to see something more fun.

    Dress like an Engineer

  2. Oh man, I am so glad you were able to get the dress after all the internet drama! People want their Lilly Pulitzer apparantly :) And yay for the new Target collab!

    1. The dresses are so well made, but $300 a pop is a lot to spend for something that you can't wear overly often. I mean I love the patterns and the colors but realistically-that much should only be spent (if at all) on a staple so it's definitely a bit of a madhouse during the sales when everything is like 75% off lol