Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Day in the Life: Weekend Edition

For this month's version of A Day in the Life of a Dental Student...I thought that I would mix things up a little by showing what my weekends look like. I've been told that weekends can be wonderfully relaxing and have even been fortunate enough to experience a few of these myself. But for the most part, my weekends are typically longer than my school days. Or at least they feel that way. 

For me, weekends are a balance of catching up on anything that fell through the cracks during the previous week while planning for the upcoming week. I think that I've finally got this whole juggling thing down in terms of balancing school work while still doing a few things for on that note, here is my exact day last Saturday.  

7AM Wake-up 
Compared to the week, this is actually sleeping in for me. I kick-off my day right away by starting a load of laundry and getting a crock pot recipe going. Then I toss on some comfy (yet stylish) workout clothes, walk the laziest dog in the world, and grab breakfast to-go before heading out of the door. 

8-8:45AM Me Time 
It is Saturday after I head to an early morning nail appointment. Definitely worth the 45 minutes! See how pretty? 

This shellac will last for the next few weeks. I'm a happy girl! 

9-10:45AM Dental School 
As a student, I have access to the school on weekends and evenings- thank goodness. I work on making a model that I will need for a dental lab on Monday. While that sets up and dries, I practice drilling on my pediatric teeth because we have a practical/skills assessment just around the corner. 

Children's teeth are so tiny. Something as minute as drilling an eigth of a millimeter too deep could be detrimental. It's so very very precise....aka kind of terrifying. Not going to lie, I'm definitely nervous about treating my first wriggly little kiddo in the pediatric clinic...

11AM-12:30PM GYM  
The Gym is becoming one of my new favorite places to be...Who knew?  

On Saturdays, I take a Group Booty Barre Class, which is a combination of cardio, ballet, and pilates. This is one of my absolute favorite parts of the weekend as it gives me a chance to not be sitting on my butt all day! 

12-1PM Shower & Get Dressed (for real this time)

You can see my OOTD details here 

1-1:45PM PM Chores  
I've got somewhere to be soon so there is no point in starting anything too in depth, but I get a good bit of work done around the house including finishing up laundry and working on a DIY project (details coming soon). 

2-4PM Lunch 
I head to a late lunch with friends. I see some of these people everyday, but we very seldomly get a chance to actually talk. Catching up over a long lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant is the perfect outlet. 

4:15-7PM Homework
I begin an assignment that's due on Wednesday. Ideally, I want it finished this weekend. I only work on it for a few hours, but somehow get much further than expected---this never happens. I'll take it! I put it aside to return to later. 

7-7:30PM Dinner 
Asian inspired Salmon with lots and lots of veggies.

8PM-12AM Boards Studying 
Even the concept of studying for the National Boards is stressful, but I'm just taking it one day at a time. Each page I read, each note I make, and each flashcard that I review gets me that much closer.  

Well that's my day. I try hard to structure my weekends to get in chores, studying, and some time for myself. How do you all structure your weekends? 

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