Sunday, March 15, 2015

Afternoon Tea at the Jefferson Hotel!

Husband and I were in Richmond Virginia this weekend for a wedding. And if you're ever in Richmond, there is one place that you have to visit...
The Jefferson Hotel! 
High class elegance with a unique history...this place has it all. And since it was a dreary day outside, I couldn't think of a better way for Tom and I to spend the afternoon than cozying up inside with hot tea and scones.

We headed to Richmond's historical district and while all of the buildings there were beautiful, nothing stands out quite like The Jefferson. 


Seriously, what a beauty! 

And it's even better when you get inside! 

it's simply exquisite with
marble columns, leather sofas, and wingback chairs

a harpist playing in the Lobby

velvet carpeting and a Tiffany Glass skylight

This place is just breathtaking, but nothing marvels more than the man himself! I was in love with the details of this Carrara Marble statue of Thomas Jefferson 

and loving the candid that I managed to snap of Thomas Jefferson with my very own Thomas (Schneider)! 

It was the perfect spot for a Spot of Tea!

Husband and I each chose one of their signature teas 
The Richmond~an English blend of Keemun, Darjeeling, and Ceylon teas
The Jefferson~a spicy black tea with cinnamon oil, orange peel, and cloves

A Tray full of yummy morsels....
Cucumber Sandwiches~Peanut Butter Cookies~Scones
~Chocolate Covered Strawberries~Macaroons 
 we ate every last bite 

After Tea we wondered around a Bit

And found an entire archive of the hotel's history...when the Jefferson opened in 1895, it featured all of the modern conveniences while being filled with antiques. Turkish baths, Billiard Rooms, and exotic plants in it's Palm Court-can you just imagine it? We learned about the road to recovery after a fire burned down more that half the building 

and we finally figured out why their were so many Alligator sculptures around the property

Apparently, they used to keep live alligators in the marble pools of the Palm Court 

Keepin' it Classy 

I couldn't help but picking up a canister of their signature tea to take home...

Afternoon Tea at the Jefferson turned out to be the perfect day date. So grateful to have a husband that indulges me enough to play tea party. 

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  1. So elegant and lovely! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Jasmine. Thanks for the details of tea at Jefferson. I have family guests in this weekend to Richmond and this was a great overview for our "what to see & do."