Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five!

Just thought I'd pop in and share my highlights from this week! 

First is this inspirational quote! It's literally been getting me through all those moments this week where I've just wanted to stay in bed, hide from the world, and not do anything. When I don't want to go to class or go to my 5AM workout...I've been reminding myself of this. Because no matter how I feel in the moment, I'll be thankful for showing up in the end 

Second, an unexpected visit. Husband called me out of the blue to tell me that he booked a flight to see me so he was here this past week. While I still had class during the day (and he had work to do to), it was so nice to have dinner together every night and enjoy each other's company. Those regular moments that many people probably don't think about are extra special to us during this time in our marriage when we have to be long distance.

Third! I've had lots and lots of FREE TIME this week. Because I have transitioned into clinic and seeing patients, I spend significantly less time sitting in lecture which means there is less to study. At some point, I will start getting more complicated cases that will require lots of treatment planning outside of the clinic, but for now I'm enjoying my free time. My classmates and I have been revealing in this chance for relaxation with lots of social events this weekAll 50 of us plus significant others took over the karaoke bar Tuesday night. And Husband and I have been enjoying some midweek date nights! 

Fourth-Getting to spend time with this cutie is always a highlight for me. I'm obsessed with him. He normally destroys all his toys, but for some reason this one is extra special to him so he carries it around the apartment and cuddles with it in his sleep. Adorable! 

Fifth-It's Spring Break Baby! It officially begins today at 3PM. While I plan to spend a majority of it catching up on studying for boards, I'm looking forward to having a whole week where I control my schedule (there will be lots of time for naps) and it offers me another opportunity to See Husband 

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