Friday, February 26, 2016

HodgePodge Clothing Budget

Normally there's a trend to my clothing budgets, but this is a bit of a mashup. Partly because I'm including a few items that I normally wouldn't. In the past, I've always kept two separate budgets. One for regular clothes that I keep strict track of here. The other budget included what I endearingly refer to as adventure gear (for hiking, camping, workouts, etc.), that I sort of tracked, but not really. As I've become more active, I have been spending more in that category and I need to reign it in so I'm combining my two budgets. This simplifies things. I missed sharing my January clothing budget (oops!) so below are my purchases from both January and February 2016. 
Anthropologie Seenebec Dress  - original $138, on sale for $24
I'm certainly not a tall thin Scandinavian girl like the model above, but this dress is so flattering to my figure. I fell in love when I tried it on last summer (anthro dresses just work for me), but I wasn't prepared to spend +$100 on it. When I randomly found this on the sale rack, grabbing it was a no brainer. 

Anthropologie PostCard Tee - original $58, on sale for $18
Sorry this one isn't in the collage, finding high quality images to use can be a struggle. 
J Crew Pom Beanie - original $60, currently only $30, purchased with gift card  

Anthropologie Mittens - original $30, on sale for $6 X 2 pairs = $12
I love these mittens so much I bought two pairs! Aside from being cute, they are lined with fleece (super warm), making them the perfect winter accessory.  
The North Face Ski Gloves - original $55, on sale for $27

Brixton Fedora - original $58, currently on sale in this cute color 
January/February Total: $139
Last year, I was $300 under my yearly budget. But this year, I'm actually increasing my budget to accommodate for adventure gear. That being said, I'm setting this years budget at $1750, which is just shy of $150 a month. I spent less than that during January and February combined, so it seems that my 2016 budget is off to a great start.  

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  1. That dress is really pretty! Perfect for spring!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. I'm very impressed with your budgeting dedication! I"m starting to budget now and it's HARD! I might need to dig through your blog for some tips ;) Happy Friday!

  3. That dress is so fun! Before I even read what you said about not being a Scandinavian model I was thinking how good I bet those colors look on you!

  4. I haven't stepped foot in an Antropologie store for years. That dress is tempting me to go see what sort of treasures they have in store

  5. Those mittens are absolutely adorable! Loving the confetti colour palette!

  6. I love that you include "adventure gear" in your budget. You got some great stuff--I love the hat and that dress is gorgeous! Yay for fun sale finds!
    Shea |