Thursday, February 18, 2016

valentine's day 2016

After having to spend last Valentine's Day apart, we were grateful for the chance to celebrate together this year. Even so, we wanted to keep things low-key. We decided not to exchange gifts. Instead we agreed to simply focus on spending time together. Here's how we celebrated Valentine's Day 2016.
Our original plan was to simply go ice skating on the pond, but it was -9 degrees outside, plus wind chill. Not something we wanted to deal with so we decided to ditch our plans and be spontaneous. At the last minute, we found ourselves at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. More details about our day are here, but for now, some of my favorite snap shots are below. 
After spending a few hours walking around the museum, we had worked up quite an appetite and decided to grab lunch. Normally museum food involves bland cafeterias with overpriced chicken fingers, but instead we ended up in a garden restaurant with an atrium full of sunlight. 
 I had duck served over risotto, while Tom had steak. It definitely felt like a fancy dinner out! It was more than we were expecting and it was delicious. 

Also, this is what happens when I ask Husband to take a photo while waiting for our food to come out! 

Later that night, we made dinner together. We much preferred this to fighting off the dinner crowds on Valentine's Day. And I think that we out did ourselves. We had lobster bisque and drunken mussels {we used a whole bottle of wine} over angel hair pasta. 
 Dessert involved homemade chocolate covered strawberries and cherries. 
Plus a bottle of champagne with raspberries and blackberries  This was the best Valentine's Day we've had in years! And while we made sure to get out of the house, most of our day was spent at home. It just goes to show that quality time doesn't have to mean a fancy date out. 
We were long distance last Valentine's Day and I'm almost certain that it will be the same next year, so I'm thankful for every bit of joy that we squeezed out of Valentine's Day 2016. 

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  1. What a lovely way to spend Valentines Day together! What a beautiful museum! Happy TOLT!

  2. Ohh, I could really go for some champagne with berries and chocolate covered strawberries! The crowds and prefixe menus on Valentine's Day are not our scene either. Making a fancy meal or just ordering Chinese are much preferred.

    1. that was the first time I made chocolate covered berries, it was surprisingly easy! And I hate the prefix v-day dinners too. They can be a complete ripoff

  3. Wow, those food pics though! Everything looks delicious! We decided to skip the crowds and make a Valentine's Day dinner at home too. Actually we didn't go out at all- we spent the day indoors watching movies, puzzling, and eating lol. It was pretty perfect :) Happy you got to spend the day with your love!

  4. We almost didn't go out {bc it was so cold} but we definitely left when the crowds started

  5. Oh my gosh, all the food looks so good! I can't think of a better plan than art and food on Valentine's Day. So awesome.