Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five

We're halfway through April, which is really good news for me because I'm so looking forward to May. More on that below. I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself though. Here's a few happy things from my week that are making me excited for the weekend. 
1. national park free week
Starting today, national park entry is completely free! It lasts from April 16th-24th. If you live close to a national park, then now's a great time to make weekend plans for a visit. We love the national park system and will be crossing a few off our wish list this summer. In the meantime, these photos are from our favorite hike during last summer's visit to Yosemite National Park…all 18 miles of it. 

2. is it true?
Boston is supposed to have a warm day this weekend, like 68 degrees warm. This is a nice change from last weeks snow and hail. I am beyond giddy about this weekend's possibilities. 

3. a creepy guy + a nice surprise 
I came home the other day to find a total creeper in our building. The building has two entry doors with the outer door being unlocked. It opens up into a mudroom (essential in Boston) while the inner door has to be opened with a key before you can access the individual condos. The mudroom has mailboxes and an area for packages or anything else too large to fit in the mailboxes. When we walked into the outer room, this guy had opened up the neighbor's newspaper and was totally reading another neighbor's magazine. We live in a small complex and knew he wasn't the owner of these items. Tom and I were debating on what to do, when we startled him. He started to hurriedly put everything back. And when he turned around, it was the mailman! Why he was nose deep in someone else's newspaper though, I don't know. Also, he wasn't the regular mailman. It was really suspicious, but then I realized that I had a package so I didn't even care. My package was from Liz over at J is for Joiner. She sent me the sweetest bundle of spring cheer, including this adorably vibrant scarf. Exactly my style. Thanks again Liz. 

4. travel planning
It's already April and we haven't gone on any trips yet. Everything we've planned has been cancelled because there was either too much snow or not enough snow. I'm going a little stir crazy with staying in the same place. But we have a big trip coming up next month and now it feels like we're scrambling to get everything done. I shared our poor adventurer's guide to travel planning earlier this week and I need to take my own advice with getting everything finalized. 

5. museum date nights
We finally went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for our first visit during Valentine's weekend. Since then, we've been going regularly. We realized that Wednesday nights there are free, which is perfect because this place is massive and you can't see everything in just one visit. It's so nice to simply walk through and take our time. We don't have to worry about rushing through because we can always come back next week. It's wonderful and has become my favorite for date nights.  


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  1. I can't believe we're halfway through April...where is this year going? May means wedding anniversary for us!

    Wow you are brave lady! I'd be terrifed hiking on a mountain, I have a fear of heights.

    Okay that guy sound sooo sketch....reading the newspaper???? I'd be honestly freaked out. I'm so glad you got the package though :) And the scarf looks great on you :) All my stalking worked out. I hope you get a lot of use out of the scarf since it's light and the weather is so spotty in hot or cold.

    It's nice that you guys get a weekly free museum date night, always finding something new each time you visit is probably a bonus as well. I feel it's so important to continue dating even after you're married.

    liz @ j for joiner

    1. That's wonderful, happy early anniversary! And I don't think I would consider myself brave, just dumb enough to do crazy stuff. The views and that hike were amazing, so definitely one of the best things I've ever done.

      As for the package, thank you for stalking my blog. It really is amazing. I love it. The wreath is hanging above our dinner table right now, and the cosmetic bag is in my purse already. Thank you so much

      And you are definitely right, dating is so important to keep the marriage strong

  2. So glad your package from Liz got there! I figured you wouldn't mind us giving her your address from the exchange. :) That scarf is so cute and fun and I love the outfit you have on with it!

    That hike looks awesome! I'd love to go to Yosemite one day. We have kind of fallen off the hiking wagon since we've been going to stay with my mom on weekends, but I hope to get back at it this summer.

    1. Nope didn't mine at all. Thank you for giving her the address. And you have been dealing with a lot lately. Plus, it's just now starting to warm up. I was so impressed with the waterfall hike you guys did over winter. I don't think I've ever been hiking in winter?

  3. That is such a weird story about the mailman, but yay for a package! I had no idea that there was a free national park week, what a cool thing to have!

    1. Yea they have other free days intermittently throughout the year too. It's really wonderfully that the park system does that.

  4. I had no clue about the national park week so thank you for that! We have a few good ones nearby...and omg that photo of you hiking Yosemite gives me the chills because I'm afraid of heights. I looks beautiful but I don't think I could ever do that!!

    1. I bet you totally could do it. When we went, I was so focused on hauling myself up that I wasn't even scared. But going down was a different story. I have no problem admitting that it was a little terrifying.