Friday, April 29, 2016

april clothing budget

This was a very good shopping month for me OR a bad one, depending on how you want to look at it. I spent quite a bit, but also found so many great things I wanted needed for this warmer weather. Most notably, the swimsuit search is over. I think my pick is a pretty sexy swimsuit for a one-piece and is more revealing than what I normally go for, but I figured why not. Plus, I picked up a second ultra conservative suit to help balance things out. Oh, and I may have grabbed my third embroidered front tee from J Crew, but they are just too perfect and I can't seem to resist them.

 My favorite purchase this month is definitely the Madewell Zip Transport Tote. I was looking for a carry-all bag for our summer travels and this fits the bill. And this version is much better than the original. After stalking this bag for months, I finally scooped it up during a major sale. See my full review here

Zip Transport Tote: original $188 + 25% + $25 credit = $116

Lattice SwimSuit: original $78 on sale for $57 + $10 promo = $47

Paisley SwimSuit: original $40 on sale $32

Embroidered Front Tee: original $60 on sale for $17

Tortoise Sunnies: original $30 on sale for $11

Linen Shift Dress: original $35 on sale for $25

Total: $248

April was quite an expensive month for me since I didn't buy this much during January, February, and March combined. Something about the warmer weather makes me willing to spend more. And while I didn't buy any adventure gear this month, we have a ton of hiking and camping trips coming up. Pretty sure, I will be investing in a pair of hiking boots next month, so May is going to be a high spend month too. This is always the point in the year where I start to question if I'm going to be able to stay within my yearly budget parameters. Guess we will see. 

Budget for the Year: $1750 
April Spending:$248
remaining for the year: $1299

And just to end things on a happy note, here are some favorite outfits featuring this month's buys. And yes there was snow and blooming flowers all in one month. That's just your typical New England Spring. 
                   {one}                                 {two}                            {three}

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  1. Ooo! I am loving the tote! Before I held back on the Madewell tote because of the open top, but the zipper makes it absolutely perfect! You will get so much use from it!

    1. I used to want the original, but ended up going with the j crew version instead (since it was on super super sale). I'm glad that I never bought the original because the zip version is so much nicer

  2. That VS swimsuit is gorgeous! I love the lattice trim and the one from Target is really pretty too!

    1. I liked the lattice on the sides too, plus the pattern is really unique for the VS one. I got the target suit bc I'm chaperoning a high school trip so definitely wanted something that would cover everything

  3. I think you did a great job shopping! But to me you got items you needed so that makes me think it was great! And that coral dress was definitely a good buy to me ;) And everybody needs a functional everyday tote.

    I probably spent more than you on clothes this month, but I'm trying to reign in it for a no spend month May.

    liz @ j for joiner

    1. I definitely don't regret any of my purchases, my concern is that I already know that May will be a pricey spending month for me. And then my birthday is in June so yea will probably buy myself something extra that month too. Lol