Wednesday, December 14, 2016

merry in mexico

I will forever be in love with our holiday tradition of gifting each other an adventure for Christmas. We started doing this years ago right after we got married. While I love giving and receiving all the things at Christmastime, nothing beats creating memories and once in a lifetime experiences that we will have forever. 
This year's gift was extra special thanks to a whirlwind trip through Mexico. We decided to ditch the resort stay and do it ourselves, with a road trip through the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. During our five day trip, we....
 climbed to the top of Maya ruins,
 snorkeled in underground caves,
 napped on the beach,  
roamed through 6 new cities and got lost too many times to count, 
visited this Wonder of the World, 
learned lots of new words in Spanish (well I did, not so much husband), 
and truly got to know the locals. 
It's an adventure I want to remember forever, which is why I'm documenting it here. Be sure to check back soon as I'll be recapping this trip over the next few weeks including our exact itinerary, budget, and tips for traveling through Mexico. For now, here's a few snapshots (mostly from Instagram) of our very merry Christmas in Mexico. 

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