Friday, December 9, 2016

buying all the sweaters: november budget

Sharing this clothing budget a little late thanks to being in Mexico over Thanksgiving. Also, thanks to putting in 60 hour weeks with grad school. Thankfully, things are winding down and back to a somewhat normal schedule now, which gives me a little more free time to share about important things, like clothes. With the cooler weather surfacing, I realized that I had a huge gap in my closet...sweaters. Aside from a few obnoxious holidays ones, I had almost none. So November was a month of buying all the sweaters.

WestWater Knit Dress original $138 on sale for $40 + 40% off = $24
Not really a sweater, but it is a sweater dress and one of my favorite purchases this month. Thank you Anthropologie for always having ridiculous sales.
Cable Knit Sweater Original $60, on Sale for $30

Striped Sweater Original $70, on Sale for $20

Button Sleeve Sweater  Original $50, on Sale for $30
Sorry that I don't have OOTD photos in this yet to show off because this sweater is epic. When it comes to something like buying a sweater, it's always hard to find pieces that are unique that still blend. This one solves that problem. 

Donegal Tweed TurtleNeck Original $88, on Sale for  =$52

November Total: $156

Budget for the Year: $1750 
November Spending $156
remaining for the year: $79

I'm really happy with quality and quantity of pieces I added to my winter wardrobe this month, not to mention the price. Even still, I think I need December to pretty much be a no buy month as $79 won't go far.

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