Monday, December 12, 2016

snow, rain, and hail at Mt. Rainier

We encountered every weather condition you can have during our time in Mt Rainier. Well everything except sunshine. As we went up and down the mountain, we alternated between torrential downpours, wind, fog, hail, and snow. Even still, I would never trade in this amazing day. Yes, I would have appreciated a little sun (and warmth), but nothing could stunt the beauty of Mount Rainer National Park. 
Even with the crazy weather, there is no doubting how truly amazing Mt Rainier National Park is. If you're ever in the Pacific Northwest and you don't take advantage of this stunning place, just know that I'm disappointed in you. The park is only 2 hours from Portland and 1 hour from Seattle, it's so easy to access. And totally worth the trip. See for yourself.
The Pacific Northwest is most known for it's waterfalls. So rain or shine, that's what you do. Of course when your hiking through waterfalls in the rain, you can pretty much forget about staying dry. 
Thank goodness for Outdoor Research and Bean Boots to at least keep my core and feet dry. 
 After hiking through several mountains, we headed up to the top of the mountain. 
As we left the Longmire area and started heading up the mountain, it started getting foggier and foggier.   Finally, we made it to Paradise! And it was covered in snow. 
Following along behind the snow plows seemed like the safest way to travel, especially in our crappy rental car. I'm pretty impressed that we made it up the mountain.
Then back down the mountain with the winter wonderland turning back stunning autumn. 

Thank you Mount Rainier National Park for the most memorable day. It worked out nothing like we had planned, but kept us on our toes. Of all the national parks we've visited this year, you definitely win for having the best and worst weather in our book!  
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  1. Even with the weather the way it was - still such stunning views! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Stunning is right-those views are gorgeous!