Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April so Far

Started the month in the best way possible with getting into clinic and seeing patients, it's been the most stressful, exhausting, and wonderful experience all rolled into one. more on this to come
lunch break walks through the park in my scrubs 
april lately
springtime bathtime 
and I know it shouldn't matter, but it's so much better taking boring clinic notes with cute floral notebooks on hand 
and speaking of school supplies, I'm totally in love with this tote I picked up on sale (only $15), it's been ideal for hauling all my clinic/school gear around and is the perfect neutral with pops of golden florals
cute little breakfast beggar 
that begs at dinnertime too 
he's an equal opportunist
april lately signs of spring everywhere 
plus meal prepping a new favorite recipe: chicken stuffed poblano peppers 
april lately
arm day now involves paddling on the lake 
when you're trying to study, but your dog is says it's time to play  
april lately
spent most of Easter weekend studying, but was wishing I could have spent Easter service at this favorite Church with a view
april lately
I did make a quick trip home to deliver these Easter goodies to my sister, just a few simple treats + some Easter cash 
april lately
was craving spaghetti and made this healthy version with zucchini noodles...so much better than real pasta 
april lately
And loving that I'm ending the month with a week in the Sunshine state with husband. Follow along on instagram for updates 
Packing for Florida! 
April was mellow, yet hectic at the same time. Looking back on the month so far, I had time to catch up on a few things, visit with family, and am now road tripping through Florida with Husband. Can't wait to finish this month out strong.

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  1. Cute notebooks..
    love the flamingo shoes and pouch.
    enjoy your trip!