Saturday, April 8, 2017

march moments

We're getting a bit into April, so if you can't tell, 
I'm a little behind with my blogging. I even thought about skipping my March monthly recap. But March was the best month I've had in a long time. And I would be remise if I didn't take the time to document it. 
life lately march
February was the most stressful, but worth it as everything came together in March. It's amazing what a month can do? I've gone from feeling completely overwhelmed to totally crushing it. Here's a few favorite highlights from the month! 
-passed the last three practicals I needed before 
continuing onto treating real patients in the dental clinic
-all caught up + even a little ahead on school work/studying 
(has this ever happened?)
-after getting diagnosed with a pancreatic disorder, our pup is finally on the mend!
-crossed another national park off our list
-explored a new city-Nashville Y'all
-more workouts in March than January + February combined (oops!)
here's better peak of my month in photos! 
life lately march
didn't have too much time to cook, so lots of simple healthy meals going on in March 
stocked up on bath bombs at Lush, thanks to this pup that doesn't mind shopping with me. 
lush bath bombs
this cold weather hike reminding me that it's still winter
life lately march
plus cozy weekend outfits to fend off the cold 
but starting to see the start  of spring too!
how pretty are these amaryllis blooms? 
life lately march
We planted this amaryllis last year. It bloomed and went dormant and this year it's grown twice as large. Seriously, it's like 2 feet tall!  
I'll never spend a moment alone thanks to this guy 
sneaking past my closed bedroom door + sitting on top of my feet while I brush my teeth 
 there always seems to be a lot of that going on around here
medical school dental study
but even more important than studying this month, March marked sitting for lots of practicals for dental school. Thankfully, I passed the last 3 skills assessments I needed to start treating real live patients (not just manikins) in April 
brain food from around the world! 
Indian Food + Mexican Salad 
I had a week off for Spring break this month, most of which was spent studying, but had to squeeze in a quick Southern Road Trip through Tennessee and Kentucky
how cute is it that husband always mails me postcards from our trips together? 
I have like 30 of these now...need to find a fun way to display them. 
Any ideas? 
these gorgeous flowers made it all the back from Nashville though a 9 hour drive all thanks to a gatorade bottle because plants crave electrolytes! Bonus points if you recognize the movie reference
cutest little road-tripper I've ever seen
road trip dog
+ crossed another National Park off our list 
it will probably take us decades to visit them all, but still a fun goal! 
And we especially loved exploring the longest cave in the world 
mammoth cave national park
this cute book that I need to go back for + gourmet tea 
a favorite moment from Nashville
nashville hipster
This year started off a little rough for me, but March seemed like just the right balance of everything. Got lots of work done towards school + made gains with workouts. And there was a good dose of traveling sprinkled in. 
nashville draper james
March was the perfect transition month that I needed to get things back on track. Can't wait to see what craziness April brings. 
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  1. Nashville is so fun and I took a photo in the same spot at draper james when we were there! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston