Tuesday, July 18, 2017

every point counts

I'm doing all the things this week with grad school. I have so many projects due (crown & bridge preps + denture set-ups) and an exam that I will definitely be cramming for tonight as I haven't even started studying. Yet, I'm taking the time to write this quick post because I wanted to acknowledge hitting a big milestone with dental school. 
I'm currently wrapping up my first full semester of seeing patients in the clinic and everything we do has a point value attached to it. Clean someone's teeth. 4 points! Numb a patient and do a filling. 9 points! Points are how we register our grades now. And if you earn enough points (7k to be exact), they'll even let you graduate. This first semester we were required to earn 500 points. Due to some unexpected circumstances, it's a goal that many will not meet. Thankfully, amidst all the hectic-ness (is this a word?) and chaos of this week, I hit 500 points! Everything else this summer will be extra. But I have no intention of slowing things down because every point counts. And I'm still a few thousand points away from graduating. That being said, I'm still throwing myself a party over here for hitting this goal early and celebrating my first 500. Ok, now back to studying. 

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