Thursday, June 29, 2017

life lately :: jubilant june

jubilant = (adj.) feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph
If May was full of Mayhem, then June was it's exact opposite. A month full of lots of small wins turning into big victories. And really how could June not be good when it represents that official transition from spring into summer?
life lately jubilant june
I've been waking up so early these days (4AM to 5AM at the latest) that I end up having breakfast twice, can't miss out on the most important meal of the day right?
but this is how this pup feels about all the early morning wake-ups 
sleeping westie
celebrated my 28th birthday this month, 
does anyone else get super excited about birthday offers? 
birthday offers
birthday offers
Speaking of birthdays, I headed to Boston to visit the Husband for the weekend.
Per usual, we had a big trip planned to celebrate my birthday, but 
at the last minute I cancelled it and traded it in for a more relaxing weekend 
that involved catching up on sleep, hiking, and shopping. 
sometimes you just need those kinds of weekends 
life well traveled
downtown Boston is pretty even when the skies are gray 
downtown boston
birthday treats 
pretty in pink birthday
birthday treat pineapple
+ doing a short hike with my favorite boys 
we even coaxed PJ into taking a swim AND he is not a water dog 
this is what it looks like when you're obsessed with your dog and take him everywhere, including shopping. We can get away with it because he's so cute. 
best hair day of the month thanks to the drybar 
lots of cute puppy naps happening around here 
sleeping westie
plus viewing the last signs of spring as we head into summer 
signs of spring
birthday bath bombs! 
everyone that knows me knows how much I love these & I ended up with several from different people + a gift card to buy more 
I've been enjoying baths with these all month long 
evening workouts around the medical campus = the perfect study break 
signs of spring
my favorite meal I made this month...skinny shrimp scampi with veggie pasta 
skinny shrimp scampi
study sessions with the best study buddy 
dental school
 and finally celebrating the first day of summer AKA national wear your Lilly day 
national wear your lilly pulitzer day
Thank you June for having just the right balance that I've been looking for; good food, good experiences, and a good amount of sleep ;) It was the perfect time for a month of renewal before starting this crazy summer.

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