Friday, February 21, 2020

friday favorites 02.21.20

Happy Friday!
 Actually really not looking forward to today, as we got some snow last night and are 100% not equipped to deal with it. Since I'm the doctor, I kind of have to show up for the patients that will inevitably call and cancel at the last minute anyway, but wish me luck. 
But before I hit the road for the day, thought I would share some favorite highlights. 

Money Diary 
Shared our February money diary earlier this week.  It's not every week that we spend nearly $5k, but this was definitely a pricey week, different from my past money diaries and definitely worth documenting. 

Time Together 
Husband and I felt like we had been getting into a rut of work and home, home and work. I'm really happy to say that we've been going out a lot more this month and having weekly date nights, including spontaneous midweek nights out. We are back to behaving like the childless millennial couple that we are since we may not always have the freedom to be this impetuous. 

We had a very different kind of Valentine's Day this year with having spent it at my grandmother's funeral. But surprisingly, this time has been filled with more love than it has sadness. 

Valentine's Day 
Even with having to delay our celebrations because of very unique circumstances, we still managed to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. 

Have a happy and safe Friday! 
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