Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Clothing Budget

As you all know-I attempted to make February a no-buy month as per my New Year's Resolution to go an entire month without purchasing any clothing or accessories. Hubby didn't think that I could do it and neither did I, but I am happy to say that I was a great success. There were quite a few moments of temptation like the President's Day sales and at one point I literally found myself in a dressing room-knowing good well that I shouldn't be. The break was good for a lot of reasons including that it gave to the opportunity focus on rotating the clothes I currently own and figuring out exactly what it is I am looking to purchase in the future. The money saved this month would normally stay within the clothing budget category, but instead I decided to completely reallocate it towards our travel fund (post soon to come).

I do however have some items to share. As mentioned before (January Clothing Budget ), I ordered these items at the tail end of January with a J Crew gift card. I ended up deciding to keep everything that I received so here is what I got:

1. J Crew Factory Printed Draped Tank: Violet Fuchsia-$50  Original: $64.50

Normally I would have waited for this item to go on sale a little more, but I love the print and I was worried about it disappearing in my size if I waited too long. It is still available and at an additional 30% off. I don't regret purchasing it though, because I wanted to guarantee that this piece would be in my closet.

2. J Crew Factory Printed Cotton Sateen Mini: Bright Aqua-$33  Original: $68 

I won't talk too much about this skirt, because I featured it with a story in Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

3. J Crew Factory Cameo Chandelier Necklace: $30  Original: $50 

You have also seen this necklace on me, featured in my Valentine's Day Inspiration #2: Colorblocking  post. I really like fashion jewelry, statement necklaces especially but I have sensitive skin and find that J Crew and Banana Republic are 2 of the only places that I can consistently purchase items without having to worry. That being said some of the statement pieces that I already own make too much of a statement, but because this is all white, it offers a lot more possibilities for mixing into my wardrobe. 

February Clothing Budget: $0

By the way please visit Franish to see the link-ups for all of this months budgeting bloggers. 


  1. I just did a review of that necklace! I bought it last month, and it's a great piece that looks even better in person! (I know you know lol). Looking forward to see how you style yours :-)


    1. Yes, even though its a statement necklace-it is very wearable and much more beautiful in person

  2. great job not buying anything in February - I wish I had your strength! and I love your j crew finds - so pretty and perfect for spring!

    1. Thank you Nout-it was very difficult at first, but now that its March it feels weird knowing that I am allowed to buy clothes again

  3. I love that printed top! If I could stick my spending to only using gift cards, my wallet would be happier, lol! But I've been doing pretty well with my budget so far.

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