Monday, October 27, 2014

October Budget

This was meant to be a no buy month since my budget is almost non-exsistent, but that did not happen. This is in part because there was a good bit of weight loss this month and needed some new tops to accommodate that :) so I'm ok with this months purchases. First I ended up doing some online shopping at J Crew Factory during my ER visit (I'm blaming the morphine for that one). The rest is all from Target. That place is so dangerous. I always end up leaving with more than I had originally bargained for. Yet, I never seem to regret my additional purchases. 
Tsk, tsk, tsk...When will I learn? 

J Crew Factory Embroidered Front Tee 
  Original $59.50 on Sale for $39.50 
 I paired this top with a pair of matching burgundy maryjanes here!

J Crew Factory Colorblock Peplum Top 
   Original $75 on Sale for $34.50
This is my first peplum anything and I have to say I'm not sure why I waited so long, definitely flattering for my body type. See how I styled this here

The Target purchases were definitely spur of the moment, but I just couldn't resist the deals plus it allowed me to cross a few things off of my Fall wish-list....a plaid button-up, a patterned cardigan, and printed sweaters.
Target Deal #1
Target hosted an in store sale of "buy one get one 50% off" all women's clothing, which I paired with a 20% off Cartwheel deal (seriously don't shop at Target without Cartwheel) and $10 worth of gift cards. 

Target Favorite Button-down Shirt 
   Original $22.99 with 20% off & $10 in gift cards $8.39 
The blue & green plaid combo are perfect for Fall and Winter, plus it's got polka dots! It's my favorite purchase this month...see how I styled it here. But more importantly, is the fit. I tend to stay away from button-up tops because my bust size doesn't match my waste/abdomen sizing. Normally, I would want a small in shirts, maybe a medium. However, when I wear a button-up shirt, the buttons are strained, which is not a good look. If I move up to a large to accommodate my bust, it's terribly long and baggy on the rest of me. But Target's sizing worked really well for me. I ended up going with a large..which leaves plenty of room for the girls, but this shirt cinches in so it doesn't look huge on me. It was the perfect fit, style, and price...a much better value than this Madewell shirt I originally intended to purchase. 

Target Favorite V-neck Cardigan 

  Original $22.99 promos (50% off + 20% off) $9.20

Ok, time for Target Deal one women's sweater, get the second  50% off

Target Jacquard Pullover Bow Sweater 
  Original $27.99 and yes I paid full price...
Definitely, more than I would want to pay for a Target sweater, but it's a dupe of a J Crew sweater and it's gorgeous so I'm ok with it.

Target Printed Giraffe Pullover Sweater 

  Original $22.99 with 50% off $11.50
This sweater was just for fun. It's helping to fuel my addiction for all things giraffe. Every time I see that top hat & spectacles with that mustache I crack up...although I've been told that it's not quite as funny as I think it is. 

Retail Total $231.46-After Sales Total $170.96 - GiftCards/Promos $39.88=$131.08 October Total 

Year to Date Clothing Budget
$1650 (Year) - $171(Jan) - $0 (Feb) - $232(March) - $357(April) - $190(May)-$45 (June)-$140.86 (July)-$94.61 (August)-$155.72 (September)-$131.08 (October) = $132.73 remaining for the year 

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