Sunday, February 22, 2015

Boston Birthday Brunch

Hello From Boston! 

Today is Husband's 26th Birthday. Birthdays are a big deal around here and this one was no exception. I really miss Tom when we are apart, which gives me even more reason to make today extra special. And what better way to celebrate a Sunday Birthday than with Brunch? 

This morning, we headed to Boston's Financial District-home of Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Hotel. The Langham is right in the center of the action as it used to be Boston's Federal Reserve-a little fact that I thought my Finance PhD candidate husband might appreciate. It's all in the details right? 

I need to paint my car this color! 

We were both very impressed with the whole experience. When you walk into the historic Langham Hotel, it is the perfect blend of new and old. 

See what I mean? 

After crossing the bright Atrium-we climbed up the most beautifully golden staircase....

to find live music, alluring aromas, and delicious brunch fare waiting for us....

a Seafood Bar filled with crab legs, mussels, oysters, and sushi!

Fancy Shrimp Cocktails 

There was no end to all of the breakfast stations filled with Bacon, Eggs Benedict, and Fried Potatoes. 

There were Crepes and French Toast and Blintzes! 
Anything that you could think of was there, it was kind of overwhelming because we wanted to taste EVERYTHING!

And let's not forget about all of the desserts! 

From Chocolate Fountains to Chocolate Mousse! 
They had it All! 

And I loved all of the Breakfast Cocktails! They were so delicious and had the cutest names to represent the Financial District. You can order a "wire transfer" or a "money order" for a taste of heaven.

We love brunch! We love everything about it! Sleeping in, Eating way too much, Drinking before 5PM, and Blowing off our afternoon plans. Husband and I both agree that it was the perfect way to begin the day. 

Happy 26th Birthday Tom!
I love you so very much


  1. You guys looked like you had the best time and food looked wonderful. Happy belated birthday Tom!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, the birthday party food looks so yummy. I love the strawberry dessert. The idea of oysters is fantastic. I would like to include oysters in my sister’s birthday party. I have also reserved one of the prettiest sweet 16 venues nyc for her birthday celebration.

  3. Wow!! That’s interesting. Planning for birthday party is super fun. Last year we went to famous Los Angeles event venues on my husband birthday. He was really surprised with the party theme and the food was super yummy. What a great birthday party it was!!