Monday, February 2, 2015

A Month of Revitalization: January Review

Can't believe that the first month of 2015 has already come to a close! And what a month it has been. After my ridiculously busy December, January was all about slowing down a bit and focusing on both myself and the start of a new semester in dental school.

Self-Care is one of my big resolutions for 2015 and I focused on that by kicking off January with a massage and a pedicure. Plus, I started a new health routine. I think that it's going well because I managed to lose the 3lbs that I gained during the holidays (oops!). 

As much as I slowed down some aspects of my life, dental school is one area that is constantly moving! So on that end, it's been a super busy month as we are fast-tracking towards clinic, which begins in a couple of weeks. Terrified and Excited all at once. But before I get ahead of myself-here was my January in dental school...

>>85 hours of lecture & 42 hours of class labs 

>>58 hours of independent study & 37 hours practicing in lab 

>>Learned how to extract teeth! 

>>Stab Lab! we learned how to numb patients by practicing on each other. Eek! Not sure if I was more scared about injecting one of my classmates or being the Guinea pig for them to inject for the first time! 

>>Gave each other nitrous and I have to say I'm not sure why they call it laughing gas...all it really does is make you feel drunk 

Caution! May be hotter than first appears

It wasn't all work...During the long MLK weekend, PJ and I headed to Boston! 

Love this beautiful city...mostly because it's where the most handsome husband ever lives!

I can't even tell you how much Tom and I needed a nice relaxing weekend together. It was pure perfection. My favorite part was definitely taking PJ to the dog park! I was a complete baby about the cold, so husband dressed me in his coat, socks, and boots to keep me warm. 

Look Mom & Dad-I'm flying!

Meanwhile PJ found the cold quite invigorating! He was spunky enough to steal a ball from one of the bigger dogs-he loves playing keep away. And you will never guess what word we use to get PJ to come when called. He is guaranteed to come back to me every time

(Ignore my high pitched doggy voice)

Husband and I spent every minute of the weekend together...he made me breakfast in bed before our morning workouts together. And we had a fun date night thanks to Indian Food and a comedy show via Improv Boston.... 

But mostly, we just spent lots of time snuggling together. I love getting cuddles from my boys! 


I always hate to part ways after a visit with husband, but I truly believe that in every bad or sad situation-you can find some good. So while I may have cried a bit on the plane, I landed to near 70 degree weather in the middle of January! Plus when I arrived home-there were tons of fun packages waiting for me to help cheer me up....

...a new dress from Lilly, make-up from Stila, and a new bracelet from baublebar. Plus husband managed to track down the seasonal coffee that I'm obsessed with and he sent me a huge box of K-cups (the perfect mail day for a coffee addict!) 

So that was my January! I love these monthly recaps because it gives me a chance to focus on all of the little and big things going on in my life and to appreciate it all. 
Looking forward to a Fantastic February!

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