Tuesday, February 24, 2015

♥♥ Husband's Birthday Weekend

No matter how busy dental school keeps me, husband is always my top priority so this past weekend I visited Tom to help him celebrate his 26th birthday. I left the warm embrace of the South and headed to the snow-covered ice-capped city of Boston. 

Saturday meant a 4AM wake-up so that I could make it to the airport in time to catch my 7AM flight. It was all worth it when my plane touched down and I saw Husband standing there waiting for me, I couldn't be happier! There is nothing better than being reunited after time apart.  

Early morning flights means getting to watch the sun rise!

We headed to Peet's Coffee for a Breakfast Date. A handsome husband, oatmeal, pastries, and the best latte I've ever had! Really the perfect way to kick off the Birthday Celebrations! And if you ever go, you have to try the New Milk Chocolate Latte with Amaretto Cookies...it's life-changing

After breakfast, the Birthday Boy requested that we go cross-country skiing and I was happy to comply! 

What we loved about skiing....

Everything Blanketed in Snow
All Bundled up in Hats & (waterproof) Mittens
Being Active & Spending Time Together 

You know it was a good time when your face hurts
 from smiling way too much!!!

After skiing, we decided that the
 best way to refuel from our busy morning 
was with Sushi! 

Then home for a quick nap, but we couldn't rest too long because there was more celebrating to do! I told husband that he had to open one of his presents early...

My husband loves to cook so I gave him new tea towels and an oven-mit filled to the brim with kitchen utensils...tongs, serving spoons, a garlic press! While he loved it, I think he was a little confused about why he was opening this particular gift early until he discovered the tag attached that said we were taking a couples cooking class! 

That evening, we headed to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. The cuisine for the night was Tapas-a Spanish style of sharing entrees...
Our dinner menu: 
>>Saffron Risotto Cakes with Shrimp 
>>Flank Steak Tacos with Red Onion Jam & Horseradish Crème Fraîche
>>Grilled Mussels with Garlic Herb Butter  
>>Braised Chicken Thighs with Garlic & Lemon Mashed Potatoes
>>Albóndigas-a traditional Spanish meatball made with Beef and Pork 

Each couple was responsible for a different dish. Husband and I were charged with the grilled mussels.
They were a big hit and we will definitely be making them at home!

It was a real live chef's kitchen with everyone running around.
We learned how to julienne onions and the best way to peel fresh garlic! 
Sizzling entrees and delicious scents. 
Clinging pots and flowing wine. 

Husband and I were extra lucky because we got to make not one, but two dishes including the best one of them all...dessert! 

How impressive is my Chef Husband? 
Torching the Créme Brûlée!

I was such a proud wife because husband was the best chef in the class. And he thanked me over and over again for bringing him there-he loved it so much. My heart was definitely overfilled that night watching him in his element. I love to spoil husband and see him happy. 

The next morning was officially husband's 26th birthday so we headed to
but first presents! 

I wrote husband some "special notes" on "sticky notes"
Not a bad sight to wake up too. 

 First up, a new Samsonite Suitcase!
When husband comes to visit me, he walks almost two miles to catch the train that will take him to the airport. His suitcase is starting to really show it's wear, so I thought that he deserved a new one with Spinner Wheels! 

J Crew Thermals and J Crew Cords from Mom and Dad (my in-laws)!
Plus a pair of casual Dockers in his favorite color from me...

Husband loves his new J Crew Cords. And he looks great in them. 
Thanks Mom and Dad Schneider! 

I gifted hubby new work out gear and new dress clothes too! 

Tons of Kitchen Goodies from Mom and Dad (my in-laws)-this new pot was Husband's Favorite! He is so excited to cook with it and I'm excited to sample all of his wonderful creations! 

A new watch from me! 
Husband loved the Rose Gold and Brown Leather. 

My parents gifted us a flight to see each other and there were fun gifts from other family members too. How could we do anything, but spoil this amazing man? His birth is a wonderful day to celebrate and I'm so incredibly lucky that I got to spend it with him. 
Who knew a weekend could be so perfect? 
Happy 26th Birthday Tom!