Friday, February 27, 2015

February Budget: Lace, Pink, & Pearls

My regular readers know that February has been a hard month for me so as you might imagine, this months purchases were all about having a little fun. None of them were anything that I needed. Did I buy them anyway? Yes, because sometimes you just need a little extra boost. Thus, this months purchases revolved around
lace, pink, and pearls!!!

Express Baroque Lace Tee
  Original $50 on Sale for $20 with an additional 40% off $12

Express Studded Square Skull Scarf 
  Original $30 on Sale for $12 with an additional 40% off $9

New York & Co Double-Breasted Trench Coat in Ruffle Pink 
   Original $100 on Sale for $70 
I'm totally obsessed with colorful trenches right now, can't wait to wear this one come Spring. 

J Crew Factory Stone Square Necklace in Iced Quartz 
  Original $49.50 on Sale for $24 free with promo credit $0

A Few Baubles for Me and a Few Baubles For You 
I finally made my first BaubleBar purchase. Seriously every kind of style of jewelry you could want and it's good quality. I loved it so much that after my first bauble arrived, I went back for two more....all pearls! I loved it enough to want to share by hosting an instagram giveaway [@makingrestorations] Now we can all have 

BaubleBar Petite Pearl Cuff Bracelet 
  Original $32 with 15% promo & $10 gift card: $17 
This cute little beauty plays well with others for layering arm candy and adds a dash of elegance.

BaubleBar Ice Cap Pearl Cuff
  Original $34 with 20% off $27
Rhinestones add a bit of glimmer, highlighting the beauty of the single pearl. 

BaubleBar Gemini Pearl Cuff
  Original $34 on Sale for $25 
Let's take things to the next level! The Gemini Pearl is large enough to grab everyone's attention. No sharing the spotlight here. 

I also took advantage of the winter end sales at Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up this heavy outdoor coat. With all of the time Husband and I spend outside, can you believe that I didn't own one already? Now I've got something thicker that's built for outdoor winter activities. Already got to break it in while skiing! Not including it in my budget because it was purchased with gifted money, but had to show this beauty off because it's so very very pink.   

February Total: $160

$1500-$50-$160=$1290 for Year 

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  1. Oh that pink trench is amazing!

  2. I totally agree that sometimes you just need a little shopping pick me up! And I love that you got a pink trench - classic with a feminine twist!

    1. Yes Ashley, I'm in love with this trench! For now I'm just modeling it around the house until it warms up enough to wear it out

  3. Loving the pearls! I'm so glad they're having a moment right now.

    1. I've always loved a good pearl and because they are my birthstone-I love them even more