Monday, February 15, 2016

all you need is love…and art

We have been staying in a lot lately to help fend off this winter weather. But Valentine's Day really pushed us to get out of the house {even if it was -9 degrees outside}. We decided that it was a perfect opportunity to cross another item off our Boston Bucket List by visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. 
We spent a night at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art a few months ago and adored every minute of it. Since we prefer classical art to modern, we knew that we would love the museum of fine arts even more. And it did not disappoint! There were so many pieces from our favorites…Monet, De Gule, Picasso. We were actually a bit overwhelmed.  
We decided to start with one of the museum's many free tours. Our tour guide was a nice elderly gentleman with a Harvard PhD. He was so knowledgeable and showed us some exhibits that we might have otherwise skipped. It was a perfect way to get our bearings {because this museum is massive} and determine which exhibits were worth revisiting once the tour ended. 

These flowers were definitely one of the pieces we revisited…I could stare at these gorgeous beauties all day
 I'm a fan of all things impressionist 
  Me + Monet
A few other favorites included the music exhibit 
and the pieces from the ancient worlds of Egypt and Greece
Plus we were able to see the visiting Picasso exhibit 
But without a doubt, our absolute favorite was this red room that housed some of the Art of Europe. Husband wants the red damask wallpaper in our future home 
while I wanted to take this tea service 
The Boston MFA has been open for over 100 years, which has given them plenty of time to collect thousands of pieces to the art. We loved that we spent Valentine's Day here because now we have something extra special to remember it by. 

The Details 
Time: 3-4 hours 
Cost: Adult $25 (free to Boston students)
Featured Collections: European Art, Egyptian Art, Greek Art, Contemporary, Japanese Art, Art of the Americas 


  1. Looks like such a great time! I love visiting the art museum in Philadelphia!!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    1. When we lived there, we loved the Philly art museum too! We were especially fans of the "pay what you will/can" nights since we were poor college students at the time. Oh wait, now we are poor graduate students

  2. I spy a Kehinde Wiley piece! He has such vivid work; loved his exhibit in New York. This is on my list for sure to visit when I have a chance to visit Boston.

    1. We were there for the classical art (Boston has a separate modern art museum) so we weren't even planning on going into the contemporary art section, but our tour guide took us. So glad he did! We had no idea there was a Kehinde Wiley there. Just chilling like it was no big deal. That was the only one though. I bet the exhibit you saw in NY had several. This was the first time I've seen his work in person so I was definitely excited. We revisited it like 3 times while we were there