Tuesday, April 12, 2016

things are looking a little bleak

Land's End Luxe Wool Scoopneck Coat
bleak-adj. cold and piercing; without hope or encouragement 
This is really how I'm feeling about this Spring season so far. We've had snow, then ice, then rain, then snow again. Add in a little hail and a lot more rain and you've got a true New England Spring. Every time we get a glimpse of warm weather, it's thwarted by an onslaught of more cold. So for now, I'm still dressing in layers. 
Polka Dot Cardigan

Land's End Luxe Wool Coat {similar on sale}|| Express Scarf||
J Crew Downing Tote||Clarks Boots||


  1. I love that top! And I think I've wanted a necklace like that for at least a year. I feel like they go so perfectly with so many outfits!

    1. I've had this necklace for so long, I didn't even include it in the post. It's from J Crew Factory. I think I paid like $15 for it and I've had it for years. It goes so well with everything