Monday, April 3, 2017

day trip diaries: Nashville

Tom and I took the quickest Southern Road Trip during my spring break, we ended up passing through Tennessee with exactly 24hours spent in Nashville. To be honest, I thought Nashville might be lost on us since we aren't exactly country music fans. We could care less about cowboy hats and the grand ole opry. But as it turns out, Nashville is more hipster than it is cowboy. And we couldn't get enough of our time here. 
Had we known how much we would fall in love with this town, we definitely would have planned to spend more time there, but we made the most of the 24 hours we did get. Managed to visit Nashville's most popular areas...the Gulch, 5th street, the District. 
Loved every aspect of music city!

Outfit Details: chambray dress// belt // sunnies // booties
First stop after getting into town had to be The Pharmacy. We had heard so many recommendations and they did not disappoint. Worth every single calorie ;)

BBQ and local brews with live music to boot
perfect way to cap off our night 
Headed to breakfast the next day and had way too many options to chose from. Nashville's brunch is on another level. Finally settled on biscuit love, which was the best choice because we were introduced to bonuts = biscuits + donuts 
definitely need to recreate these at home 
 Nashville was not at all what we were expecting to see from this Southern City. 
thank you for surprising us and helping us to find a place in the South that we'd be happy to potentially call home one day. 
Cheers to Nashville! 
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  1. looks like you had a wonderful time. there is just something so charming about the south.

    1. there really is and Nashville is the perfect blend of Southern Charm and Modern all in one

  2. I soooo want to go to Nashville! I'm hoping to make it my next non-beach vacation. And all of those places are on my list for when I DO finally get there! And Draper James- Reese Witherspoon's (overpriced...sigh) store! I had no idea there was a walk of fame there as well. Looks like you guys definitely made the most of those 24 hours!

    1. Yup definitely didn't buy anything in Draper James, but it was nice to stop in for sure. Yes the walk of fame there is right downtown where all the country music museums and the grand ole pry are located. This spot is definitely worth visiting bc there is truly something for everyone (unlike other Southern cities. I'm glad we squeezed so much into our 24 hours there

  3. Nashville is the best! It's one of my favorite cities. It's just so far from where I live in VA. SO happy you had a good time (& got to get some Biscuit Love- so gooooood!) !!