Friday, September 15, 2017

friday favorites 09.15.17

So thankful that it's Friday, this week has been...well, let's just say that I'm glad it's over. Every single day, I've felt crabby and unmotivated. I haven't even wanted to see patients this week, which is so unlike me. And I have no idea why, especially since my appointments have been going so well. I think I just had a few too many assignments due this week and I'm exhausted. I definitely thought about skipping out on friday favorites this week, but if ever there was a need to focus on the positives from the week, it's today. 

what's in my bag? 
Had some fun linking up for a what's in my bag post this week, though I did things a little differently and shared what's in my clinic bag. I realized that I never carry a real purse anymore. It's either my bag for clinic, a small wristlet/clutch to run to Target with, or this cute satchel that I use whenever we travel. 

Alaskan Anniversary 
Couldn't be happier about the fact that I finally got a chance to start organizing our photos from our Alaska Anniversary Adventure. Making this list definitely helped me get organized. 
I've already shared a few of our favorite moments at sea and our thoughts about traveling by cruise ship in general here. I think this is one of my favorite shares ever, it's the photos of life at see that do it. The highlight of my weekend will be that I've scheduled some time into my schedule to start going through our port stops, can't wait to share more from Alaska next week. 

The only thing better this week than reliving our Alaskan Adventure was planning our next one. Started to finalize some plans for our October and November travels. September is already going by too fast, but I'm ok with that because we have a lot to look forward to. 

When I put it all down, the positives that I had to focus on this week far outweigh any of those moments where I was feeling blah. I'm really looking forward to tonight (I have a massage planned) and this weekend to catch up on work and sleep and hopefully make next week a productive one. 
happy friday. 

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