Tuesday, September 12, 2017

what's in my [clinic] bag?

Linking up with some lovely ladies today to share "what's in my bag". I thought I would do things a bit differently since the bag that I carry most is my clinic bag for treating patients at dental school. Minus a few errant strands of floss and a whole lot of granola bar crumbs I found at the bottom, I'm showing you exactly what's in my clinical bag as a medical dental student. And while it's not nearly as glamorous as last year's edition, I wouldn't want it any other way. 
what's in my medical clinic bag
Let's start with the bag itself shall we?what's in my medical clinic bagLuckily, I do have a locker at school where I keep patient models, my loupes, snacks, k-cups (so essential), etc. Still, I somehow end up needing a giant bag to carry the essentials into clinic. I've been using this tote for months that I got for a steal at $15! I love that it's neutral enough to be professional, but still has a bit of flash to it too. 

All the Technology// I'm fortunate to be attending a technology driven school that runs with apple products. I use my macbook, iPad, and iPhone on a daily basis with having my lecture notes, lab manuals, and all 83 of my textbooks digitally stored there. Most importantly, my laptop has been configured to give me access to all my patient medical charts.
what's in my medical clinic bag
A few other tech items, I can't live without...these headphones with the best sound quality that allow me to discreetly drown out the noise of the clinics during rare moments of down time. And my FitBit whose stopwatch I use to monitor my own vitals..sometimes I need a reminder to breath and not stress out too much during appointments. 

Stethoscope & Blood Pressure Cuff// From measuring vitals to completing oral cancer screenings, my stethoscope is one of the most used items in my bag. 
what's in my medical clinic bag

Terri the Tooth Badge Holder// Terri the Tooth is the cutest little badge holder that helps me keep track of my access keycards. I won't tell you how many keycards I lost (it's embarrassing) before I got this badge holder

School Supplies// I have this planner that I use religiously since I'm responsible for scheduling my patient appointments myself. Always have to have a cute notebook on hand for jotting down quick reminders and a few "inspirational quote" folders to help sort with all the paperwork. Cute school supplies are important right?

All things Dental// I never know what random dental items will be in my bag. When I dumped it this time around, there were a few packages of sutures to practice my stitching and a random dental instrument. 
I almost always have a typodont with me to show my faculty/attending that I practiced ahead of time for the dental procedure I'm doing that day. It's basically like a pretend mouth that comes with interchangeable plastic teeth--this is what we learn to drill on. And to go along with that, there are always always always plastic practice teeth everywhere! 

A Few Other Things// I keep a tiny wallet and my sunnies with me. This amazing hand cream because I wash my hands literally a gazillion times a day. Toothbrush, floss, and my favorite toothpaste because I am a dental student after all.

So there you have it. 
I try to keep things simple, but the stuff seems to keep accumulating, so I can't seem to like without it. Be sure to comment below on your most carried bag/item? And check out what all the others are sharing here

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