Saturday, May 23, 2020

Leaving our Loft

Does anyone remember those 90's after school specials featuring twenty-somethings living in their trendy lofts in the big city? Because I do, and I always told myself that I would do that someday. And now I can say that I have! 
We've recently moved into a house in the suburbs, but we spent the last bit of our twenties living in a waterfront loft. It was tiny (700 sq ft), but what it lacked in space it more than made up for in with it's modern touches, waterfront views, and proximity to downtown. I will absolutely miss starry nights on the rooftop, kayaking from our private dock, watching giant cruise ships sail past our living room window, and being about to walk & bike to our favorite local hangouts. So I wanted to document a few quick photos here of what life looked like during this season of life.

Making the most of our tiny space with extra storage in our entryway! And a personal touch with this painting we picked up during our honeymoon. 
City living at it's finest with keeping our bikes right at the door so we can easily bike around downtown. 

Our bedroom was the tinest coziest space that had lots of work while we lived there. We put up wallpaper, then took down the wallpaper. We re-arranged furniture and got creative with storage options so this space was always a work in progress. But it was simple and calm and filled to the brim with photos, plants, and knick knacks from our travels. 

Living Room 
Our living room was easily the most inviting space. We did a travel themed gallery above the sofa. And we had 12ft windows looking out onto the water to the boats passing on a daily. The windows also let in such great sunlight to nourish the succulents we planted from our wedding. 

Can't forget our kitchen that connected to our living space for the perfect open concept. We cook a ton and have lots of kitchen gadgets so storage space was tough here, but you can't beat watching sail boats pass by the giant windows as you prepped dinner. 
cute little coffee nook 

Leaving our loft was a little sudden and didn't end on the best note. But for the nearly two years that we lived there, we loved that place. 
It was home.

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  1. I love your decorating style! It's so nice to have so many windows and natural sunlight