Monday, May 25, 2020

memorial day kayaking at great dismal swamp

We've recently moved from our loft and while we 100% miss having the water literally at our doorstep -it's actually been a good thing that we no longer have such easy access. It's forced us to adventure out further and find new places to kayak.  One of our new favorite spots is the Great Dismal Swamp! 
The Great Dismal Swamp is split between Virginia and North Carolina as part of the Intercoastal Waterway that runs along the Southern states all the way to Florida. 

It's the perfect kayaking spot because the majority of it is flat, allowing you to paddle far with minimal effort. This is a huge bonus because it allows us to see so much of nature. So when we had an extra long weekend, we knew that we had to spend Memorial Day kayaking at this favorite spot. 
Being surrounded by the still water and the quietness of nature-we are all big fans! 
easy paddling! 
Happy Memorial Day!

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